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Proven Violin Strings Provider

Violinists from around the world have turned to Shar Music for the best violin strings since 1962. Started as a dream among immigrant brothers, Shar Music believes everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the joy of music.

Whether you need beginner strings for your student, or depend on vibrant and bold performance-grade strings, Shar Music offers violin strings online to meet your every need.

Trusted Violin Strings Brands

Buying violin strings online can be harrowing at times, making you wonder where they are shipping from, and what you’ll receive. All of our strings ship directly from our warehouse in Ann Arbor, MI. We carry only the best brands that have stood the test of time. Some of our most popular brands include:

  • Thomastik Infeld
  • D’Addario
  • Larsen
  • Pirastro
  • Jaguar
  • Overture

Best Violin Strings For the Money

We want to take the frustration out of placing a violin strings order. If you are trying a new set, you can end up guessing what strings will give you the sound you crave. Working with our expert representatives gives you confidence you’ll get exactly what you’re seeking.

All of our call center representatives are either musicians or trained to understand the nuances between string types. When you call, you know you’ll get the advice and guidance you need to get the best violin strings for the money.

You can also trust you’ll never receive low-quality counterfeit strings when you order directly from Shar Music. Be sure to check out our string authenticity guarantee as you shop for your violin strings online.

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Best Sellers

  • Dominant Strings
  • Evah Pirazzi Strings
  • Overture Strings
  • Larsen Il Cannone Strings
  • Obligato Strings
  • Helicore Strings
  • Peter Infeld Strings
  • Vision Strings

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  • Thomastik Strings
  • Larsen Strings
  • Pirastro Strings
  • D'Addario Strings
  • Overture Ultra Strings
  • Jargar Strings

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409 Items View All

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