Rent-to-own with the Flexibility to Upsize or Change Instruments

24 month commitment required. First come, first served.
You get all the basics necessary to start playing: an instrument, bow, case, shoulder rest (or endpin anchor), and rosin. Most importantly, though, you'll receive the high standard of quality you've come to expect from Shar Music
Shar rePLAY Violin Outfit
$25 down, $9.99/mo for 24 months
Shar rePLAY Viola Outfit
$25 down, $12.99/mo for 24 months
Shar rePLAY Cello Outfit
$50 down, $37.99/mo for 24 months
RePLAY™ instruments for beginner - affordable: starting $9.99 per month
RePLAY™ key value: AffordableAffordable
RePLAY™ is affordable: With plans starting as low as $9.99 per month the time to own and experience music has never been better - or cheaper.
RePLAY™ for beginner - instrument flexible change
RePLAY™ key value - Flexible SwitchFlexible
RePLAY™ is flexible: If you happened to pick the violin when you wish you would have picked the viola, switching between instruments in the program is easy.
rent to own with RePLAY™  - Risk-Free
RePLAY™ key value - risk freeRisk-Free
RePLAY™ is risk free: Even after you own your instrument, we will buy it back so that you can upgrade or if you just want to let the instrument bring joy to a new player
RePLAY™ instruments - high quality for beginner
RePLAY™ key value - High QualityHigh Quality
Utilizing our previously owned instruments, all RePLAY™ instruments are carefully set up, inspected and play tested to our meticulous specifications.
How it Works
30-Day Guarantee on your purchase