Shar rePLAY Cello Outfit
Shar rePLAY Cello Outfit
Shar rePLAY Cello Outfit


Shar rePLAY Cello Outfit

$1.27 /day
$50 down, $37.99/month for 24 months
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Shar Music® rePLAY™ Full Cello Outfit:

With rePLAY™ and a twenty-five dollar down payment, you can start renting a full cello outfit for as little as $37.99 a month. That gets you a refurbished cello, cello case, brazilwood bow, rosin, and endpin anchor for under forty dollars a month. (That’s the less than the price of a wireless mouse or a “wine tote bag” on Amazon; we checked just to give you a reference.) And rePLAY™ is rent-to-own: once your reduced-price instrument is paid for, it’s yours to keep or you can sell it back to us, guaranteed.

Even after you own your instrument, you can sell it back to us via our BuyBack program. No tricks, no traps.

That’s a lot of guarantees, but we stand by them. We have a lot of beautiful, gently used instruments in our warehouse, and rePLAY™ is our way of putting them in the hands of musicians like you at a greatly reduced price.

(For full terms and conditions, please view the Warranty Info tab.)

Customer Reviews

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Jackson Jones

Why doesn't Shar Music simply say you are buying the instrument and spreading out payments over time. Renting make it sounds like the customer has the option to return the instrument after say, several months, without owing the remaining balance. Renting is attractive is because children outgrow their instrument. I wish Shar was more honest about this.

Daniel Hoven

I just want to leave a note because the description is very misleading. You are not renting this instrument. You are buying it up front, and paying over time. You cannot return the instrument after the first 30 days without paying the full amount, and the credit is only $250 against a $900 purchase.
As a pay over time program it is very nice, but don’t be misled into thinking you are renting and can return at any time like I was.

Kaitlyn Finley

The cello I received is beautiful. It's absolutely perfect for the best price I could ever hope for. They literally provide the bow, some rosin, an end pin holder thing(forgot what it was called). I love my new cello, I thought I would never be able to afford one and honestly at first I thought this was a scam. I researched it and could hardly find anything about Shar Music. But because they had Shop, and because of the 1 review that was left seemed so genuine; I just had to take a chance. A chance that was definitely worth it. I love my cello, and I'm happy I was able to get one of my dreams to come true especially when living in a world like this one. You gotta find the honest good things in life or else you'll go insane. I hope this doesn't come back to bite me since I'm writing this review after nearly a month of having the cello. If it does, I'll definitely be sure to write another one!

David Holt
Worth the money!

Definitely worth the money! Very good looking and playing cello for the price of regular rentals locally in town. Had another one from another rental shop and the bridge was messed up and the whole cello looked horrible. The cello from Shad rePLAY is in way better shape for a few dollars cheaper. This came recommended from my cello instructor. Definitely recommend!

Happy Mom
Beautiful cello!

My child’s orchestra teacher suggested we try SharMusic’s rePLAY program to get her first cello and we couldn’t be happier! This program makes affording a full size cello so much easier AND the instrument itself is beautiful. Her teacher said he was impressed with the quality and that she would be able to use this cello right through high school. Very happy with the ease of ordering and quickness of shipping. I do wish they provided more info on how and when payments will be debited.

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