FAQs About Your Account and Services

FAQs About Your Account and Services

You've got questions about your account?  We've got answers!

Q. I had a Shar Music account on your old website. Is my password the same?

A. You will need to activate your account on our new website and set a new password. Starting this process is easy. Simply log in as you normally would and enter your email address. If your account is not already activated on our new site, you will be prompted through the process step-by-step. Those steps are:

  1. Click the button to send the activation email. (Don't forget to check your spam or junk folder.)
  2. Click on the Activation button in your email.
  3. Reset your new password. Have your browser save the password if you like.
  4. You are now registered to the new website and are free to start shopping.

It's as quick and easy as that!

QI have a concern about an order I placed. How can I get help with that?

A. Give our Customer Service team a call: 800.248.7427 between the hours of 10a - 6p ET Monday - Friday! They are on-site at our Ann Arbor location and can help you with any questions about your order, whether you are a regular customer, rental customer, or teacher. Remember, if you comment about your order on this post, order information is considered confidential and your comments will not be published. We cannot respond to order questions in the blog format.

Q. I have a teacher, educator, or VIP account that allows access to special services and prices. Can I shop on your new site?

A. At this time, all teacher, educator and VIP accounts that have access to specialty services and pricing will still shop on our "old" site. This will be located at teachers.sharmusic.com. You will be automatically redirected to the correct place to get all the pricing you are used to! We are working hard to integrate your account on our new website and this experience will only be temporary. Thank you for your patience.

Q. I'm having difficulty finding my Order History and/or my Wish List. What happened to them? 

A. We are in the process of transferring every customer's history from our old website to the new. This will happen gradually over time, and not all at once. Your order history will eventually populate, but it will not be immediate. To access your history, please call our Customer Success team at 800.248.7427

Q. Can I still collect Shar Points? If so, how can I redeem them?

A. You will still collect Shar Points with your purchases. You will also be able to redeem Shar Points, but you will not be able to use them on the website. Before you check out, give our Customer Success Team a call at 800.248.7427 so you can properly redeem your points!

Q. How do I log out of my account?

A. The new site has changed the interface a little, but have no fear! It's quite simple. Click the person icon in the top right corner, next to the shopping cart icon. From there, you'll see the header for the website, and beneath that a smaller header that lists these things: Orders, Addresses, and Logout. Simply click 'logout' and it's done! You will be prompted to log in again if you return to the site to make a purchase. 

Q. My child is interested in playing an instrument. How do I find the right size for them?

A. We have a comprehensive video right here for you to look at! Click on the link below for more information:



If you ever run into trouble online, our Customer Success Team is happy to assist. They can be reached at 800.248.7427 between the hours of 10a - 6p ET Monday - Friday or via email at cc@sharmusic.com.

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