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In-Home Trials

Shar Music's in-home trial program

Shar Music's In-Home Trial program allows you to try instruments and bows from the comfort of your own home. Our specialists are string players themselves and are happy to walk you through our shop and discuss particular instruments and bows that match your desired criteria and tonal characteristics. Not able to visit our shop in person? Not a problem! Our In-Home Trial program is virtual-capable and we will make sure you have the same curated experience from selection to trial and beyond.

After your instruments and bows have been selected, we personally pack them for the safest delivery. Once you receive the trial shipment, we will stay in touch with you by phone and/or email, answering your questions and offering guidance as you make a decision. If your first selection of instruments or bows does not meet your needs for any reason, we will continue to help you in your search until we find your perfect match.

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How to Return Your In-Home Trial

How to Pack Your In-Home Bow Trial

The fine print


Our In-Home Trial program allows you to try up to two violins, two violas, or one cello, and four bows for a 10 day trial period. We ship trial string instruments and bows anywhere in the United States. Bows over $500, violins and violas over $1,000, and cellos over $10,000 are eligible. Some exclusions apply.

The In-Home Trial shipment consists of items sent to you as a deferred-billing sale. While all items are billed on an open account basis when shipped, customers will only be charged for items which they keep, and which have not been received by Shar Music by the scheduled return date at the end of the trial period. The return date is calculated to allow for the 10-day trial period, plus shipping times to and from Shar Music.

Our shipments include a prepaid return label for easy returns. There is a $30 fee to select, process, and ship bow trials, $60 for violin or viola trials, and $300 for cellos (shipping charges to Alaska and Hawaii may be higher).

Modest extensions of the return date may be arranged by contacting us by phone at 866.742.7270 or by email at Shar Music will mail invoices and all other appropriate sale documents after your purchase has been finalized. Any documents of provenance will be mailed separately.

Return of Property: Customer and Shar agree that Shar will loan the Products above to Customer for possible purchase
by the Customer during the Trial Period. After the Trial Period, Customer can either purchase the Products or Return the Products in the same condition the Products were received. The Customer acknowledges that the Products remain the sole property of Shar until they are paid for in full by the Customer. All returns must be placed in the mail within ten-days of receiving the Trial Products. For any late returns, Customer will be charged a late fee of $25 per day unless Shar approves an extension of the Trial Period.

Deposit: The Customer may be asked to pay a deposit fee. This deposit is a security deposit and it will be refunded to Customer when the Products are returned without damage.

Repairs: All repairs and/or adjustments must be done only by Shar unless the Customer purchases the Products or after receiving approval from Shar while on trial. Customer will have sole responsibility to pay for the cost of repair if there is damage resulting from Customer’s negligence or Customer’s failure to properly care for the Products.

Risk of Loss: The Customer will be responsible for the Products from the date of receipt until it is returned to Shar. The Customer will bear the risk of loss and damage to the products while in possession during the Trial Period. On return, if the Products are damaged, Shar will charge Customer for such damage and issue a damage invoice to Customer. If the Products are not returned, Customer will be responsible for the retail value of the Products.

Credit Card Authorization: By entering into this agreement, Customer herby authorizes Shar to charge any active credit card on file for any past due payments. Credit card chargeback fee is $40.00. Customer authorizes Shar Music to add on a credit card processing fee at our option. It is Customer's responsibility to notify Shar of any credit card or billing information change to avoid the chargeback fee.

Governing Law: This At-Home Trial Agreement will be governed by and construed according to the laws of the State of Michigan. Any dispute regarding terms or enforcement must be brought in Washtenaw County, Michigan.

Remedies: If Customer is in default of this agreement, the cost of the Products will immediately become due. If Shar institutes any legal proceeding against Customer to recover any of the Property, Shar shall have a right to recover from Customer actual attorney fees, collection fees, and court costs incurred by Shar in connection with the proceeding.

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