Shar rePLAY Viola Outfit
Shar rePLAY Viola Outfit
Shar rePLAY Viola Outfit


Shar rePLAY Viola Outfit

$0.43 /day
Expected in 3 months or More
$25 down, $12.99/month for 24 months



Shar Music® rePLAY™ Full Viola Outfit:

With rePLAY™ and a twenty-five dollar down payment, you can start renting a full viola outfit for as little as $12.99 a month. That gets you a refurbished viola, viola case, brazilwood bow, rosin, and shoulder rest for under fifteen dollars a month. (That’s less than the price of a macramé plant holder on Amazon; we checked just to give you a reference.) And rePLAY™ is rent-to-own: once the reduced-price instrument is paid for, it’s yours to keep, or you can sell it back to us, guaranteed.

Even after you own your instrument, you can sell it back to us via our BuyBack program. No tricks, no traps.

We have a lot of beautiful, gently used instruments in our warehouse, and rePLAY™ is our way of putting them in the hands of musicians like you at a greatly reduced price.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Tara H
Great viola outfit

We are very happy with our set up. The instrument is like new and the piece of mind knowing the quality and ease that Shar music provides for my growing musicians.

Not a very good set up but does the job

Violinist of over 30 years of experience review.
Okay, so, old strings, should have been changed as they were black. Three of them were bad. No matter, I changed them.
Bridge… terrible!! A string about an inch lower than the C string… nice job, KC.
Not a clean instrument. Again, not an issue because I have plenty of hill branded cleaners.
With new strings it sounds okay, seems to wobble a bit when pressed down.
I know it’s a beginner instrument so I wasn’t expecting anything special but perhaps play them a bit before sending them?
In any case, good price, not a bad sound and the case and shoulder rest were appreciated.
The bow is good for the chimney.
In the end it will do the intended job.

Lisa Finch

Shar rePLAY Viola Outfit

Highly Recommended

I would highly recommend this viola to any beginner or intermediate player. It offers a pleasing sound, comfortable playability, and remarkable durability, all at an affordable price point.

Tonal Versatility at Its Best

From delicate melodies to powerful fortissimo passages, the viola exhibits impressive tonal versatility. It responds well to a variety of playing techniques and dynamics.

30-Day Guarantee on your purchase