Dominant Violin String Set with Tin E - 4/4 size

Dominant (Thomastik Infeld)

Dominant Violin String Set with Tin E - 4/4 size

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Dominant Strings

Thomastik Dominant, or simply called Dominant strings possess a warm, round sound quality, are extremely durable, and have a fast, easy response; usually right from the moment you put them on your instrument. This has made them one of the most popular strings for almost every violinist and violist, intermediate level to professional. Many teachers recommend them to their students over brighter steel strings because of the warmth and depth of the sound they generate.

This set features a Tin E, an easy playing E string with an excellent balance of brilliance and warmth. It’s extremely well-matched with the standard Dominant A/D/G strings and it’s highly durable.

Instrument: Violin
String Type: Set
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium

E String:
Carbon steel core, Tin Plated, Removable ball End
A String: Aluminum wound over a perlon core
D String: Aluminum wound over a perlon core
G String: Silver wound over a perlon core

String Tonal Profile:

Customer Reviews

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Janet Russell
Dominant set w/tin E

The lower tension of the Dominant strings is best for my very old German violin. The sound output is clear, ringing and pleasant.

Collette Vandenberg

I haven't transferred to the Dominant E string yet. Been too busy.

Turned Scratchy - Disappointed after using for over 20 years

I have used Thomastik Dominants almost exclusively for the past 20+ years (with occasional exceptions - trying out something different, only to go right back to Dominants). I truly love Dominants. That changed this past year. I put a new set on my violin last summer, and within a couple months of light playing, all the strings began to sound scratchy. This also happened to one of my students. She has a Shar violin (Danube) and the combination has been terrible. Most students who are at lower intermediate levels can get a good year out of a single set of strings (lessons only, no orchestra or ensemble). Yet, within about 6 months, her strings have become unbearably scratchy. I feel terrible and I will not be purchasing (or recommending) Dominants from Shar again.

Nancy Christy
Excellent service


Brook Cebula
Don’t always believe the newest thing is the best thing.

I’ve recently purchased a beautiful antique French violin, and it came with Evah Pirazzi strings. My older German violin has always had Dominant G, D, and A strings with a pirastro eudoxa E string. Many of my fellow musicians urged me to try the Evah Pirazzi strings on my German instrument. At just over $100 a set. I thought they must certainly be an improvement. The sound was thin and unresponsive. I switched back to my older set of Doninants. It is proof positive that each instrument is unique. You must experiment with many high end sets to find the right balance for your instrument. Cost is not relative to quality.

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