Lenzner Goldbrokat Violin E String
Lenzner Goldbrokat Violin E String
Lenzner Goldbrokat Violin E String

Goldbrokat (Lenzner)

Lenzner Goldbrokat Violin E String

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Lenzner Goldbrokat Violin E String

The original Goldbrokat violin E strings is the world’s most popular E string with violinists at every level, including some of the most famous violinists of all time. The reason: it is powerful, brilliant and warm, all the way to the end of the fingerboard. It blends unusually well with all string brands. And it remains a favorite of artists who play on gut strings, but prefer a steel E string. Now owned by the respected German string firm of Optima, Goldbrokat E strings remain as they have always been – superb strings at a very fair price.

Instrument: Violin
String Type: E
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Thin, Medium, or Thick

E String: Aluminum wound over a steel core, Loop or Ball End

String Tonal Profile:

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Pleased customer!
Good one

It works fine on a 3/4 violin, and has no shrieking.

Hagai Shaham
Was good enough for Heifetz...

My choice for many years (size 27). Reliable, excellent sound and stability, and yet one of the cheapest. If and when it goes bad, changing is not painful. Highly recommended, for professional and intensive use as well.

Jorge Madrigal
Good strings !

Very good strings , durable and great sound
I love them !

Rolf Schulte
My preferred E string

For the last 30 some years my preferred E string has been Lenzners Goldbrokat, especially the thicker gage, .28 mm for their brilliance and clarion tone ! I wish Shar would bring it back — in the meantime, I get the .27s...

My favorite E string

I've tried many E strings and this is by far my favorite. Very sweet sound without any whistling. My instrument tends to be quite loud, and I play mostly chamber music or violin/piano works. This string blends well with the Vision Titanium orchestra strings I use for A, D, and G.

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