Dogal Capriccio Soloist Viola String Set Long
Pirastro Perpetual Viola String Set - Medium
Larsen Virtuoso Viola String Set Ball End A Medium
Charm Viola A String
Sale price$9.47
Charm Viola A String
Zyex Viola A String Full Size Medium
Evah Pirazzi Gold Steel Rope Core Viola String Set
Obligato Viola A String Medium
Kaplan Amo Viola String Set - Long Scale - Medium Gauge
Corelli Crystal Viola String Set 4/4 size Medium Gauge
Pirastro Oliv Viola D String
Sale price$41.27
Pirastro Oliv Viola D String
Pirastro Eudoxa Viola String Set
Chorda Viola A String 4/4 Size 14-1/4 Gauge
Spirocore Steel Viola A String Medium
Larsen Viola G String - 4/4 size - Medium Gauge
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Sale price$148.95
Dominant Pro Viola String Set
Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola String Set
Peter Infeld Viola String Set
Sale price$201.95
Peter Infeld Viola String Set
Pirastro Passione Viola A String
Thomastik Rondo Viola A
Sale price$34.13
Thomastik Rondo Viola A
Pirastro Tonica Viola String Set
Thomastik Alphayue Viola String Set 14-15 Inch
D'Addario Prelude Viola Set - Long - 16-17 Size
Prim Steel Viola D String
Sale price$6.93
Prim Steel Viola D String
Jargar Viola Ball-End A String
Overture Ultra Viola String Set Short Scale 11-12
Jargar Superior Viola String Set - Medium Gauge
D'Addario Ascente Viola Set Extra Extra Short Med

What Viola Strings Are Right For You?

Shar Music carries an extensive range of viola strings from all of your favorite brands. Whether you're a beginning player looking for high-response steel strings or a professional violist who needs that classic, subtle catgut sound, we have something that's perfect for you!

This chart is designed to help every violist find the right viola strings for them. Strings near the top are more direct and soloistic, while strings near the bottom lean more to the subtle side. Strings to the left have a warmer sound; a jog to the right offers more brilliant strings.

Are you a beginner just getting the hang of pulling a good sound from your instrument? Your best best is probably the area in the middle right (nearest to "brilliant"), where you'll findRed Label, D'Addario'sPrelude, and other excellent beginner strings. Many intermediate players — and especially those playing as part of a group — would do well to aim closer to the center of the chart, where you'll find the likes of Thomastik Infeld'sDominantand Pirastro'sPassione. Advanced Soloist? In many cases, you'll probably be inclined more towards the top, where you'll find celebrated strings like Larsen'sVirtuosoor Dogal'sCapriccio.

Need more help? Don't hesitate to call or email our Customer Care department! Someone on our staff is always happy to help you find the right strings for you.

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