Peter Infeld Viola String Set
Peter Infeld Viola String Set

PI (Thomastik-Infeld)

Peter Infeld Viola String Set

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Peter Infeld Viola Strings

With the long-awaited introduction of the Peter Infeld (PI) strings for viola, Thomastik-Infeld has employed cutting-edge technology to create an unparalleled playing experience for professional violists. Peter Infeld strings radiate a rich, dark sound with a beautiful timbre that can be both big and powerful as well as tender and nuanced. The vast spectrum of tone colors created by PI strings enables you to achieve complete musical expression. The sound of PI strings effortlessly finds its way to the remote corner of a large hall without losing any of its tone colors or expressive qualities. PI strings provide excellent pitch stability and can perform tasks ranging from the subtlest tonal effects to producing a strong, sonorous sound, allowing you to blend in and stand out!

Instrument: Viola
String Type: Set
Size: 15 to 16 1/2 inch
Gauge: Medium

A String: Chrome wound over a steel core, Removeable Ball End
D String:
Chrome wound over a synthetic core
G String:
Silver wound over a synthetic core
C String:
Silver wound over a synthetic core

String Tonal Profile:

Customer Reviews

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Emerson De Biaggi
good choice of viola strings

Quick response, beautiful tone, can play soft dynamics with quality and core in the sound

Nice, responsive strings--much better than Dominant strings for me

I love the PI strings compared to the Dominant set that it replaced. I was having difficulty in orchestra in creating a nice pianissimo sound, especially on the G and D strings, where the strings would not vibrate responsively at a pianissimo volume. The PI strings are smaller in diameter than the Dominant strings, which I like (easier on the fingers) and they are highly responsive, allowing me to play softly with no effort. I like the tone--perhaps a bit brighter than the Dominants, but it allows me to project better when needed. Worth the price for me.

$$$ and I love them!

"I needed to replace a set of EP Gold strings as they were a little old and the viola didn't like the C string at first and was a little uneven in power. The C would crack and fail to respond well for a few weeks. Maybe a tension issue matching my viola?
The Golds were great sounding strings but just didn't match my viola with different volumes across the strings. I wanted to try the PI set but there is little info on them as far as reviews go. These are expensive strings and I was a little nervous about Spending
$157.99 and so was my wife!!! What if they sound weird or show a wolf tone? I've played them in a lot of hours and can say thank goodness there are NO compatibility problems with my viola. The PI strings are fast like the Golds but have no C string issues. I'm
playing a Sean Peak viola and a Morgan Andersen bow and the rig sings and projects well with the PI set. The response is similar to the EP and EP Golds and the strings are clear and ring-like no tomorrow with good tonal colors. The transition from A to D to
G to C is nice and even in not only volume but character! They also are very stable intonation-wise, in other words, they are like newer synthetic strings, they stay in tune. I have tried many different sets of strings over the years, there are so many good
sets of strings that a bad string or set is rare indeed. The Golds were good strings, the PI set just matches my viola better. The tonal chart provided is very helpful but would like to see a tension chart for the strings as well. Thanks for reading."

Not Quite Satisfied

I have been quite disappointed with these strings. I have heard the violin strings multiple times, and am always impressed with their powerful tone. On my instrument, these strings are lacking in power and clarity, and I find that their response is sub
par. The sound cracks under too much weight, yet getting them to resonate can be quite difficult. The tone is good, but I don't think its 150+ good. My biggest praise of these strings are their consistency across all four strings. Double stops respond beautifully
and create a beautiful resonance.

Impressive sounds from Peter Infeld

Hello! I just wanted to share my review of the Peter Infeld Viola Strings, since I couldn't find very many and I know other violists want to know what these strings sound like without breaking the bank to try them. Just as a disclaimer, my opinions are
based on what the set sounds like on MY viola, not anyone else's. Of course there are always other factors involved like climate, but here are my thoughts so far: The PI set, although overpriced in some respects, is definitely a set worth experimenting with!
Overall, PI strings are powerful and project well in addition to having sweeter qualities, specifically on the D&A strings. For those who have used Pirastro strings their whole life, like me, the PI strings remind me of a darker version of Evah Golds. My favorite
string in the PI set is the D string; I've been very intrigued by the materials it is wound with and, because of the chrome/silver combo, the D string provides a smooth transition of tone and color from the lower strings to the A string. It is sweet, colorful,
yet strong! My second favorite string is the A string; it is very hard for me to discern this string from an Evah Gold A, but the PI A string is a tad bit darker and still retains the projection and strength to carry the sound in the space. (My favorite A
strings in order are: Peter Infeld A, Evah Gold A, Larsen A. All are amazing!) The PI G string matches very well with the rest of the set; the price is a little high for a single string, but it sounds great nonetheless. I think that I can get the same sounding
G string with other Pirastro brands (Evah P, Evah Gold, Obligato) for slightly cheaper. My least favorite string is the C string--like the G string, it matches well with the rest of the set and sounds good! However, I can save money by using a different C
string from either Evah P, Evah Gold, or Obligato. The PI C string isn't wound with Tungsten, while the other Pirastro brands mentioned are. The PI C string is very similar to the Spiro Tungsten C, in my opinion and projects as clear as a laser, but doesn't
have any roundness. too long;didn't read: Try Peter Infeld Viola strings, even though they'll cost an arm and a leg.

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