Pirastro Eudoxa Viola String Set
Pirastro Eudoxa Viola String Set
Pirastro Eudoxa Viola String Set

Eudoxa (Pirastro)

Pirastro Eudoxa Viola String Set

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The World's Most Popular Gut String

Made in the traditional way by Pirastro, the leading maker of gut strings for over two centuries. Wound with aluminum (A and D) and silver (G and C), finished by hand. Produces a warm, soft, far-carrying sound; exceptional tonal characteristics and response.

Instrument: Viola
String Type: Set
Size: 15-16.5 inch
Gauge: Variable

A String: Aluminum wound on a gut core, 14 gauge
D String: Silver/Aluminum wound on a gut core, 16 gauge
G String: Silver wound on a gut core, 16-1/2 guage
C String: Silver wound on a gut core, 21 gauge

String Tonal Profile:

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Paul Bagley
Beautiful strings

I've tried several different sets of strings on my 16.1" Amati pattern viola (gut, steel, synthetic), and these are the first set I've tried that give my viola everything I'm looking for: a deep, rich, yet brilliant sound, great colors, response, and projection in all dynamics and registers. They're quite even across the strings, with the upper strings being a little more brilliant and reedy, and the lower strings slightly broader, but still with edge.
They're immensely playable: they allow the widest range of bow pressures and speeds of any strings I've tried. I also tried the "rigid" set, but the response was more sluggish, and the C and D strings lacked the response and brilliance of the G and A.
Two notes: They take about a week to reach optimal sound and stability, the C taking the longest. Also, keep an extra A string on hand. I usually get about 3 months out of one before it spontaneously breaks. For me, it's a small price to pay for a more colorful sound and softer feel than a steel A.

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