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Shar PinkyHold
Sale price$4.95
Empire Adjustable Shoulder Rest
Sale price$9.99
Music Stand with Bag
Sale price$11.99
Bernardel Rosin for Violin Viola or Cello
Sale price$8.99
Red Sponge Shoulder Pad 2 Pack
Sale priceFrom $2.79
Zaret Shoulder Rest
Sale price$3.49
Everest EZ Violin Shoulder Rest 4/4 Size
Sale price$13.99
Xeros™ Cello Endpin Anchor in Black
Sale price$12.99
Shar Mini Rosin
Sale price$1.99
Xeros Shoulder Cushion
Sale price$6.95
Shar Dark Wood Block Rosin
Sale price$2.49
Hill Peg Compound
Sale price$9.95
Jade Rosin
Sale price$9.99
Available Soon
Shar Light Wood Block Rosin
Sale price$2.49
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Bonmusica Violin Shoulder Rest
Sale price$58.99
Chinrest Tightener
Sale price$3.10
Ultra Practice Violin Mute
Sale price$5.49
Shar Cleaner, Polish, and Cloth Gift Pack
Sale price$9.49
Shar Mini Clip-On Tuner
Sale price$9.99

Enhance Your Musical Journey with SHAR Music’s Premium String Accessories

When it comes to elevating your musical experience, SHAR Music stands out as a trusted partner for musicians of all levels. With an extensive range of string accessories that cater to the diverse needs of violin, viola, cello, and bass players, SHAR Music takes your musical journey to a whole new level. 


String Accessories for Every Need 


SHAR Music offers a comprehensive selection of string accessories, each designed to help musicians perform at their best. From rosin to metronomes, the company has you covered: 


Rosin: The foundation of any string player's sound, SHAR Music provides a wide range of rosins to suit your instrument and playing style. 


Teaching Aids: Whether you're a teacher or a student, SHAR Music's teaching aids make the learning process more effective and enjoyable. 


Mutes: Quiet practice and ensemble playing are made easier with high-quality mutes available at SHAR Music. 


Music Stands & Accessories: Stay organized and focused with sturdy music stands and useful accessories for your sheet music. 


Cleaner, Polish, Cloths, & Care: Maintain your instrument's pristine condition with cleaning and care products that ensure longevity. 


Metronomes & Tuners: Precision in timing and tuning is essential. SHAR Music's metronomes and tuners help you stay on track. 


Humidifiers: Protect your instrument from environmental damage with SHAR Music's range of humidifiers. 


Amplification: For those who wish to amplify their sound, SHAR Music offers reliable amplification options. 


Instrument Stands: Safely store and display your instrument with their durable instrument stands. 


Books, DVDs, & Media: Expand your musical knowledge and skills with an array of instructional materials. 


Bow Accessories: Enhance your bow's performance with a variety of accessories and tools. 


Case Accessories: Keep your instrument safe and secure with top-quality case accessories. 


Gifts: Discover unique and thoughtful gifts for the string musician in your life. 


Why Choose SHAR Music? 


SHAR Music's string accessories go beyond just the products themselves. What sets them apart is their commitment to quality, customer service, and the musical community: 


Quality: SHAR Music sources and manufactures their products with the utmost care to ensure the best performance. 


Customer Service: Their knowledgeable and friendly staff are always ready to assist you in finding the right accessories for your needs. 


Community: SHAR Music actively engages with the musical community, providing valuable insights and resources to support musicians in their journeys. 


No matter where you are on your musical path, SHAR Music's extensive range of string accessories, combined with their dedication to excellence, makes them the perfect partner in your musical journey. Elevate your playing, expand your skills, and protect your cherished instrument with SHAR Music's premium string accessories. Experience the difference today. 

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