Shar Music® Microporous Super Cleaning Cloth - Untreated
Shar Music® Microporous Super Cleaning Cloth - Untreated
Shar Music® Microporous Super Cleaning Cloth - Untreated


Shar Music® Microporous Super Cleaning Cloth - Untreated

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The Shar Music® Microporous Super Cleaning Cloth (with untreated fabric) is one of our best-selling products. Made by us to capture rosin dust and wipe off fingerprints, perspiration, or any other debris coating your violin, this cloth captures everything without scratching delicate surfaces or leaving lint.

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Had to cut off logo

Full disclosure I play the flute not the violin. I've found these microfiber cleaning clothes from Shar ideal for swabbing my instruments and had my wife order a few more. She plays violin and viola. I was disappointed to see the logo and other information painted onto the cloth now. This compromises the non-scratching aspect of the microfiber. I cut them off the clothes and would advice all string players, whose instruments cost potentially thousands of dollars more, to do the same if they use the cloth to clean violin body, not just the strings as the risk of (even imperceptibly) scratching the instrument is I'm sure as unacceptable to you as it is to me for my non-stringed instruments

Unfortunate Changes with the Product

I reordered the Shar Music Microporous cloth around Sept 2023 because I had a good experience with the first one I got (free with order a couple years ago). The older cloth (bottom) was good at cleaning and held up with washing, but I decided to get a new cloth because it looked dirty.
You can see the original cloth color matches the pictures in bundles that Shar sells (Shar Cleaner, Polish, and Cloth Gift Pack).

The new cloth was a bit darker (top of picture) than what I previously got, but I never opened the package until yesterday since the cloth branding is identical. The newer cloth is awful. It feels waxy to touch and while it takes rosin off the strings, the texture makes wiping down the violin difficult. It almost feels rubbery(?) against the varnish, for the lack of a better word.

Unfortunately I would not recommend this product to anyone anymore.

Best cleaning cloth

A thicker microfiber than what you get for eyeglasses. It has enough grip to thoroughly clean the rosin with one single sweep. Small enough to fit in the case, large enough to manage the entire cleanup without a need to swap it out. The thickness and grip ensure you're not dragging rosin dust across the surface. I received one with an order, and I am here to order more of these. Really great little piece of cloth.



microporous cloth

the microporous cloth was bigger than I expected, it cleans my violin easily, I washed it a few times and there is no sign of wear

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