Xeros Shoulder Cushion
Xeros Shoulder Cushion
Xeros Shoulder Cushion
Xeros Shoulder Cushion
Xeros Shoulder Cushion
Xeros Shoulder Cushion
Xeros Shoulder Cushion
Xeros Shoulder Cushion


Xeros Shoulder Cushion

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World's Most Versatile Shoulder Support... And Without Rubber Bands!

From the maker of the finest cello and bass support products, the new Xeros is the most innovative and comfortable shoulder rest on the market. Made from finest quality neoprene cellular rubber foam with a soft finish and firm support that will last over time. It attaches safely and directly by means of a special gentle suction strip, and it's just as easy to detach - but won't come off while playing! And best of all, no rubber bands are needed to hold it in place (But, we included two just in case you want to use the older method of attachment).

Place the Xeros Shoulder Cushion in any position - you are not restricted by feet or rubber bands that can only hold in one place. Find the position that works for you!

Available in eight sizes, including standard and tall heights. All sizes will fit all sizes of violin or viola down to 1/8 size. (Extra small is recommended for 1/10 size and smaller violins). Depending on how much support you want, pick the size that works best for you. Many professional players prefer the small or extra small sizes.

Made in the USA

Attention: Fresh, soft, or brittle varnish can be removed by contact with any gripping surface. If you use an antique instrument, recently had your instrument refinished, or are concerned that your instrument's varnish is soft, you should use this accessory with caution. To avoid possible varnish removal, choose a clip-on shoulder rest, or one that attaches with elastic or rubber bands only.

Customer Reviews

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Kellee Jefferies
Best shoulder rest I've ever used

As a longtime performer and teacher, I've always have issues with comfort in finding the best shoulder rest suited for my frame. Not only is this shoulder rest perfect, I like that it can be placed anywhere you need stays on with the adhesive eliminating the need for a rubber band. I'm overall very pleased with this shoulder rest!

very comfortable shoulder cushion

The xeros cushion is very comfortable. I happened to come across this when I was looking for shoulder cushions without rubber bands. So far, it stays on my instrument and doesn't fall off.

very comfortable cushion

I got the medium tall size, very comfortable cushion, my teacher also liked it

great shoulder cushion

I always had problems with shoulder rests, due to their inflexibility. With this shoulder cushion, I could move freely while playing without discomfort. I got both the medium tall and the large tall.

Good product

Comfortable shoulder cushion, stays on violin and doesn't fall off. Easy to clean as well.

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