Zaret Shoulder Rest
Zaret Shoulder Rest


Zaret Shoulder Rest

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The Zaret Shoulder Rest, a simple but effective solution for students' shoulder rest woes, comes in three sizes:

Extra-Small: 10.5cm long, 5cm wide, 1.75cm - 3cm high (for 1/16-1/8 size)

Small: 13.5cm long, 5.5cm wide, 2.2cm - 4.5cm high (for 1/4-1/2 size)

Large: 16.5cm long, 5.75cm wide, 2.5cm - 5cm high (for 3/4-4/4 size)

Customer Reviews

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Foam is shedding

The shape and size of this shoulder rest is great. My only complaint is that the foam sheds bits of black stuff onto whatever it is in contact with.

David Russell
Wonderful Shoulder Rest Alternative.

I have used all sorts of shoulder rests over the years and they all have led towards tension. I started to try going without one and instead used a foam pad that didn't really work as well as I had hoped. I know that Augustin Hadelich uses this exact product and seems to love it, so I picked it up. When it came it had a copious about of particles coming off the foam when touched. It was super easy to fix when I washed the pad with soap and water.
As I started to use this shoulder rest, It seemed to be a little bit too thick so I put it under some heavy books and it worked perfectly after that.
Overall, I recommend this pad to anyone that wants a great pad for playing violin without a shoulder rest. (It is best used under a shirt and not attached to the violin. It does stay in place pretty well)

Margaret Goreshnik

Yes We’re is my invoice?

many tiny particles came off of this shoulder rest.

This was a terrible shoulder rest. The shape is fine. The problem was that many tiny tiny particles came off of it - and you could see them sitting inside the bottom of the bag it came in. My daughter placed this playfully on her eyes....and many particles
got inside her eyes and irritated her one eye so much, I had to take her to the opthomologist. The doctor said she did not have scratches on her cornea as we thought, but inflamation under the eye lid. I have bought other shoulder rests like this, and they
never had particles coming off of it!!!! Do not buy.

Not recommended

I used to love this shoulder rest. However, twice I ordered it and the material is grainy. I can't use it at all now since the material leaves a residue on my hands and instrument.

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