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Pop's Bass Rosin

Item# 1184


In Stock

Popular bass rosin in paper cup packaged in plastic cup with hinged lid. Quite soft, avoid exposure to intense heat.

AB #2 Cello Rosin - Dark

Item# 1186


In Stock

Cello, dark, attached cloth, with tie string.

AB #1 Rosin for Violin and Viola - Dark

Item# 1191


In Stock

Violin, Viola, dark, attached cloth, with tie string.

Hidersine Bass Rosin - Medium

Item# 1192 M


In Stock

Foil wrap, in box.

Petz Bass Rosin - Medium #3

Item# 1193 M


In Stock

Very popular among bassists worldwide, the “Medium #3 Grade” is the most popular, ideal for most situations. It is soft enough to enable strong attacks and articulation, yet produces a smooth tone, and with very little dust.

SHAR Light Rosin for Violin and Viola

Item# 1194


In Stock

Excellent student grade rosin. Large round cake, attached cloth, in SHAR rosin box. Light rosin is less sticky than dark rosin, so is sometimes preferred by those in hotter or more humid climates, or who simply prefer less grip of the bow hair on the strings.

Hidersine Cello Rosin - Light

Item# 1198 C


In Stock

Light, attached cloth, in box.

Hidersine Deluxe Cello Rosin - Dark

Item# 1198 D C


In Stock

Dark, attached cloth, in box.

Motrya Gold Rosin for Violin, Viola, or Cello

Item# 1347


In Stock

Violin, Viola, Cello. Chamois wrapper with elastic tie. Single grade for violin-viola-cello.

Carlsson® Swedish Bass Rosin

Item# CSR


In Stock

This is the genuine Carlsson Swedish Bass rosin known for its fine quality by jazz and classical players around the world. As always only available in one medium grade, foil wrapped with the Carlsson seal on the bottom, packaged in a blue cup with attached hinged lid. Our most popular bass rosin.

D'Addario Natural Rosin - Dark

Item# DR1 D


In Stock

All natural ingredients. Packaged in soft plastic channel.

Pirastro Oliv Rosin for Violin and Viola

Item# PR11


In Stock

Professional grade rosin. Round cake on white satin-like cloth in Pirastro rosin box.

215 Items

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