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Adjustable Piano Footrest Natural Wood Varnished

Item# PF1F


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Six levels from 2 to 11 1/2 . A MUST for children whose feet don't touch the floor! Made from durable, attractive oak veneer. Piano Footrest Walnut finish. Ships directly from the manufacturer. Estimated Delivery time of 3-4 weeks.

Songer - The Portland Selection, Volume 1 CD.

Item# 0221 1CD

Shar: $15.00Sale: $13.50

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Susan Songer and Clyde Curly compiled this useful collection of favorite fiddle melodies currently heard at contra and square dances in their home town of Portland, OR.

Xeros™ Pneumatic Bass Wheel WITH Brake - 10mm shaft

Item# 1720WB M10


Out of Stock

Good news for bassists: Xeros Bass Wheel With Brake!

Using the Xeros Bass Wheel Brake is a breeze: Tilt your bass to its normal upright position and it immediately stops rolling. In fact, playing your bass with the Xeros left attached to the bass is now possible with the Xeros Bass Wheel Brake. Perfect for those outdoor gigs in the soft grass. Fine quality steel, heavy duty, as you have come to expect from Xeros.

Available without brake (Item 1720WM10) or brake kit sold separately (Item BX1700). This item includes both the brake and the endpin wheel assembled.

Blackwing Pencil Replacement Erasers

Item# BWE


Introduced in the 1930's, the Blackwing quickly became the favorite of novelist John Steinbeck, animator Chuck Jones, and composers Stephen Sondheim and Quincey Jones. Discounted in the 1990's Blackwing pencils were reintroduced in 2010 by American company California Cedar's Palamino pencil division. Made to Palamino's specs by Japan's finest art pencil manufacturer, and using strong and straight Incense Cedar logs harvested in the US, assembly is completed by Palamino. The graphite is Japanese, with a blend of clay, for a smooth, sensuous feel. Each Palamino has a unique metal ferrule that holds a long wide eraser and clip - when the eraser wears down, simply remove the clip, pull eraser out a little, and reinstall. Replacement erasers are available, to assure that your Blackwing eraser lasts as long as its pencil! Musicians and artists will prefer the Blackwing for a soft, smooth performance. Writers and everyday users will prefer the Blackwing 602, for a firmer line. This item includes 10 replacement erasers. Choose between black or white.

Grip Master Extra Light Hand Strengthener - Yellow

Item# GM


Hand & Finger Exerciser

Delivers total conditioning to each individual finger, the entire hand, wrist, and forearm. Yellow, extra light tension.

Sheet Music Cabinet - Mahogany

Item# MC10


Wristies Short Adult Small

Item# WR1SS


Keep your hands warm and flexible and your fingers free while playing in cold locations! Made in the USA of Polartec fleece. Black version.

Wristies Original Adult Small

Item# WR1SL


Keep your hands warm and flexible and your fingers free while playing in cold locations! Made in the USA of Polartec fleece. Black version.

Overscore Manuscript Tape

Item# MT5


In Stock

Unique removable manuscript tape tested by musicians for musicians! Overscore is a very handy 16 ft roll which is 1 inch wide, with industry standard staff lines printed on it. Overscore can be applied to any printed musical score allowing the user to cover up mistakes or simply make changes, allowing new parts to be written in with pencil or pen without any damage to existing score once removed if necessary.

Jotter for Music and Notes - Mini Manuscript Paper - 4" x 5.75" - 32 pages - G. Henle Verlag

Item# MP110

Shar: $1.50Sale: $1.35

In Stock

Jotter for Music and Notes
(Merkheft fur Noten und Notizen)
G. Henle Verlag URTEXT

This pocket-sized book of staff paper is perfect for the musician who composes, arranges, or just needs to occasionally notate instructions or practice reminders. It's also great for teachers who want to write out scales or exercises for their students without individual pages being lost! 32 pages (printed on both sides) of 8-stave manuscript paper are printed slightly smaller than most sheetmusic, saving room and allowing more notation per line. The paper quality and print style match the standard for G. Henle Verlag URTEXT editions.

Wolf Eliminator - Cello

Item# 2111C


In Stock

Wolf eliminator. Cello (U.S.A.)

Wolf Be Gone Wolf Eliminator for Violin and Viola

Item# 3111V


In Stock

Wolf Eliminator. Violin and Viola (Super Sensitive)

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