KorfkerRest for Viola
KorfkerRest for Viola
KorfkerRest for Viola


KorfkerRest for Viola

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The KorfkerRest is now for Viola!

Extraordinary light weight and the ultimate in sound and comfort. This is not only the lightest shoulder rest that we've found, but it can be uniquely customized to the shape of your shoulder! Handmade in Germany of flexible maple tonewood, it allows for extensive and very precise personal adjustment of position, height and tilt. The beautiful open design, using the minimum amount of rubber, both complements the beauty of your instrument, and brings out a much wider dynamic range. Like the new violin model, the viola KorfkerRest includes additional parts to more accurately fit the rest to your instrument and your shoulder! The versatility of adjustment allows it to fit any viola.

Customer Reviews

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An excellent shoulder rest worth the price

I know what you're thinking, " this shoulder rest costs HOW MUCH!!" I too thought the same thing but when I go back and look at all the other rests I've bought over the 40+ years of playing I realized I've spent that and a whole lot more trying to find a rest that I can actually live with. If you play semi-pro or professionally, or are someone that loves to play but can't find that right shoulder rest this is something you must consider. If you've been plagued with all the typical upper-body ailments viola players get when tying to find that right balance then this is definitely worth a look. This rest comes with all the necessary hardware and adjustment pieces to 'dial-in' your most comfortable and secure setup. It will take several tries, but believe me, when you do, you'll thank yourself for the investment. I have a large 17.25" viola that is very heavy in its own right. The KorfkerRest is incredibly light but strong and secure. Highly recommended!!

Kasey Calebaugh
Poor Customer Service

Order took nearly 4 months to arrive, and I had to harass to get an updated arrival time. Was told twice that the arrival time would be sooner rather than later. The item came back into stock, and I had to harass some more to learn my initial payment was cancelled due to wait time in which I was never told. Do not order if desiring timely or truthful arrival time. Only order if currently in stock.

The adjustable and bendable wooden rest!

In my opinion this shoulder rest is one of the highest quality on the market. Itís a real investment, but a great upgrade if you consider that way. The shoulder rest is fully adjustable, wood is bendable and you can re-bend if you need. Means you can fully shape and fit it to your body. Itís like a feather, incredibly light! It definitely improved the sound, gave more clarity. Especially for violas (they are much heavier than violins) this shoulder rest makes it feel you added absolutely no weight to the instrument! I love that it comes replacement pads and other extras what no other companies offer. If you wear out the rubber pad on other brands you pretty much have to replace the whole shoulder rest, but this case Pirastro made it for the players basically forever! Peel it off and stick to replacement pads on! Why others never thought of this solution? I donít know, but all I can say it is a fantastic product! Thank you Pirastro!

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