Thomastik Dynamo Violin A String 4/4 Size

Dynamo (Thomastik Infeld)

Thomastik Dynamo Violin A String 4/4 Size

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“To call them just a string is like saying a Ferrari is just a car.” Bold words, but Thomastik-Infeld® has the credibility to back them up: after all, Thomastik invented the synthetic core string over forty years ago, and they remain the industry leader today.

Dynamo® is the newest and greatest offering from this legendary brand. Developed and tested over the course of four years, the Dynamo A-string has been created to combine qualities previously never found in a single string. Thomastik-Infeld created them to…

–  Offer a broad sound and an excellent response.
–  Have a wide dynamic range and full sound color modulation.
–  Feature a flawless tone on almost every old and new instrument.
–  And to create a sound that will blow away the musician and the audience.

…And they’re designed to last. The sound quality of Dynamo® violin strings has been rigorously evaluated – they’ll sustain their same level from the day you open the package until the end of their lifetime. Musicians have been eagerly anticipating Thomastik-Infeld’s latest release: now, here they are – the new Dynamo strings.

(Note: Dynamo® No. DY100 strings are now available only for pre-order; items will ship in mid-March.)

Dynamo® No. DY100 A-String Composition:

A-String: Aluminum wound over synthetic core (5.5KG / 12.1 lb)

Handmade Strings Since 1919 from Vienna, Austria:

In 1919, violin maker Dr. Franz Thomastik and civil engineering specialist Otto Infeld invented the steel string and caused a revolution in the music world. To this day, Thomstik-Infeld® adheres to the highest standards: products are guaranteed by ongoing research in Thomstik's own research lab. For a perfect sound, Thomastik-Infeld has consistently chosen steel and nylon as the string core material for bowed and plucked instruments. Every string at Thomastik-Infeld is wound and checked by hand.

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Katrin St.Clair

Very responsive yet warm

Winston Pun
Like a more powerful Dominant string

Bigger sound from these strings, pricey, but recommended!

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