Thomastik Dynamo Violin String Set 4/4 Size

Dynamo (Thomastik Infeld)

Thomastik Dynamo Violin String Set 4/4 Size

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“To call them just a string is like saying a Ferrari is just a car.” Bold words, but Thomastik-Infeld® has the credibility to back them up: after all, Thomastik invented the synthetic core string over forty years ago, and they remain the industry leader today.

Dynamo® is the newest and greatest offering from this legendary brand. Developed and tested over the course of four years, Dynamos have been created to combine qualities previously never found in a single string set. Thomastik-Infeld created them to…

–  Offer a broad sound and an excellent response.
–  Have a wide dynamic range and full sound color modulation.
–  Feature a flawless tone on almost every old and new instrument.
–  And to create a sound that will blow away the musician and the audience.

…And they’re designed to last. The sound quality of Dynamo® violin strings has been rigorously evaluated – they’ll sustain their same level from the day you open the package until the end of their lifetime. Musicians have been eagerly anticipating Thomastik-Infeld’s latest release: now, here they are – the new Dynamo strings.

Dynamo® No. DY100 Full Violin String Set Composition:

E-String: Mulitilayer/tin plated over carbon steel core | Removeable Ball (8.1Kg / 17.9 lb)
A-String: Aluminum wound over synthetic core (5.5KG / 12.1 lb)
D-String: Silver wound over synthetic core (4.6Kg / 10.1 lb)
G-String: Silver wound over synthetic core (4.7Kg / 10.4 lb)

Handmade Strings Since 1919 from Vienna, Austria:

In 1919, violin maker Dr. Franz Thomastik and civil engineering specialist Otto Infeld invented the steel string and caused a revolution in the music world. To this day, Thomstik-Infeld® adheres to the highest standards: products are guaranteed by ongoing research in Thomstik's own research lab. For a perfect sound, Thomastik-Infeld has consistently chosen steel and nylon as the string core material for bowed and plucked instruments. Every string at Thomastik-Infeld is wound and checked by hand.

Customer Reviews

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Overpriced junk

I give Dynamo strings a bad review based on my personal experience. I started to use them a year ago and at first they were amazing. However due to whatever changes the manufacturer performed to them recently they have quickly turned into overpriced junk like Evah Pirazzi. They last about a month. At the most. "A" string unravels at the end of the fourth week and "E" string is false even before three week point. If I pay 148$ for a set I also expect it to last a bit longer than a month. Don't buy them. Strongly discourage.

Vicki Beckendorf
Mediocre strings

I have an old German violin and always look for a bright sounding string set to help project its sound. I have used Evah Pirazzi, which was too harsh for my violin, and Peter Infeld strings in the past. My preference has been for the Infeld strings. I decided to try a Dynamo set for my most recent string change almost a year ago. For my violin, the Infeld string set is still a lot better, retaining its mellow, yet projecting sound over the course of a year. The Dynamo set sounded OK, but I did not notice much quality retention over time. I will go back to using Infeld. They are less expensive as well.

Helen Kim
A new favorite!

These dynamo strings provide a very rich and even tone on my modern instrument. I have played them now for about two weeks, and they were easy to break in and they are maintaining their quality..

Robert Harper
A favorite since the 70's

I purchased my first set of Dominants back in the 70's.
Most stable string I had ever used!
Still love them.

Sam Battista
Thoroughly impressed

These strings have a wonderful richness in overtones in addition to great clarity, projection, and response. A very “shiny” sound. I haven’t tried a string quite like this before. As a professional these are well worth the price. They make my violin sound more expensive. Note that they will have a metallic sound for the first ~5 days.

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