Kaplan Amo Violin String Set 4/4 Size Medium
Kaplan Amo Violin String Set 4/4 Size Medium
Kaplan Amo Violin String Set 4/4 Size Medium

Kaplan (D'Addario)

Kaplan Amo Violin String Set 4/4 Size Medium

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Kaplan Amo Violin Strings

The new Kaplan Amo strings combine the power that the professional needs with the expressiveness and the richly textured tonal qualities that they desire. Amo is for the violinist seeking a warmer, lusher sound. The whole set settles quickly and exhibits a rich tonal color palette and superb bow response.

Instrument: Violin
String Type: Set
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium

E String: Tin plated over a carbon steel core, Ball End
A String:
Aluminum wound over a synthetic core
D String:
Silver wound over a synthetic core
G String: Silver wound over a synthetic core

String Tonal Profile:

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Robert

Kaplan Amo Violin String Set 4/4 Size Medium

Really disappointing

I'm not one to write negative reviews, but I bought these on a recommendation as an alternative to the cheaper Visions (which I like and will go back to). They have some false tones that I've never noticed on my instrument and the bow response is slow and squeaky. I shoulda stayed with what I know and saved $85...

Amy Cashell
I love these strings!

I ordered these per a friend's recommendation and I am not disappointed. They have a dark rich sound that I never knew my violin could make.

D'Addario Kaplan Amo - violin

I love these strings! I've used Pirastro for years but I'm always testing other strings. For years Tonica were my mainstay and I would splurge for Obligato for recordings. I tried the Evah pirrazi but they were too bright for my violin. Larsen Tzigane were my latest experiment and though I loved the tone, they didn't seem to last very long. Kaplan Amo seem to have all the warmth of the Tzigane, yet wonderful presence like the Evahs and they stay true longer than most other strings that I've tried! I highly recommend them.

Jamie Linde
Very Good Strings!

I have played on these strings for quite a while now. As an advanced player (working on the Mendelssohn violin concerto currently) I can say that these strings definitely do deliver. Everyone tells me that they sound great and I agree. They are not as
bright or loud as the Vivos, but I think they have more character. I do love the Vivos as well, but I would still choose the Amos over the Vivos. I would definitely recommend these strings to anybody who's looking to open up the sound in their instrument.
If your instrument sounds very bright, I would give these a try.

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