Guy Laurent® Pernambuco 3 Star Cello Bow - 4/4 size - Silver Mounted
Guy Laurent® Pernambuco 3 Star Cello Bow - 4/4 size - Silver Mounted

Guy Laurent

Guy Laurent® Pernambuco 3 Star Cello Bow - 4/4 size - Silver Mounted

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Stunning silver fittings and faux tortoise shell frog on this impressive bow! Firm stick is at home with the Dvorak Concerto as well as the Bach's Suite No. 1. This bow will help take any serious student or amateur to the next level of playing.

Bows from the Guy Laurent® workshop are amongst our most popular, serving the most demanding advanced students and serious amateurs. In the tradition of the great French archetiers, we are proud to offer these impressive bows of fine character and outstanding playability. For the violist seeking a strong bow with very warm sound, excellent control and fast response, but without breaking the bank, look no further! Easily comparable to European bows costing twice the price, these master bows are from the finest workshops in China.

Customer Reviews

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Poorly Finished

The bow just arrived today, and despite the other rave reviews, I'm disappointed. I get a nicer sound from a lower model Guy Laurent. Plus, the last few spirals on the finger winding is loose, like a spring. You can see where it's tucked in, and it looks like it will poop loose if I were to keep using it. Also when the strings were tightened for play, a handful stayed loose. After a few scales (nothing fancy), a string had already come loose. I will be sending back.

Very nice bow

I've bought this bow a few months ago. I have to say it's a very good looking bow for the price. It weights 82 grams, more than perfect weight for a pernambuco bow! It's balance is excellent too, you can practice for hours without getting tired or pain. The powerfull and clear sound it produces has an overall silky and noble character. It can give you brilliant, mellow and notes all over the middle and high register, and a good enough deep and strong sound in the lower notes. You can own a professional pernambuco bow, silver mounted, with a very nice faux tourtoise nut for almost a give away price. I have studied the cello for almost 25 years, with 10 years of professional experience. I deeply recommend this bow as primary for the serious and advanced student. For the teacher or professional cellist who would like to spend a few bucks in an interesting and nice pernambuco spare bow (without having to spend a fortune) this is the right choice.

Beautiful tone

When my son paired this bow with his John Cheng cello the entire family noticed the improvement in response. This bow is lively and draws a beautiful sound. I have the violin counterpart as well and they are excellent bows. The bow is pernambuco, with
a snakewood frog (the description is incorrect) and it is beautiful. For the price, I don't think you can do better in a wooden bow.

Jacob Sergent
Amazing Sound, looks, and feel!

I am a Cello Major at College and I am happy to say in this case, you get more than you pay for. This bow is a beautiful piece of fine craftsmanship! The pure smooth sound it produces is outstanding. Not only is the bow very well balanced and easy to articulate with, but also very comfortable to hold and play with. It glides effortlessly across the strings giving such a pure resonance, making higher notes sing more and lower notes smoother and deeper. This also helps you accomplish brilliant chords/double stops easier without risk of a harsh, gritty sound. What more need I say, I am in love with this bow. I sincerely recommend this bow to students who mean business!

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