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Franz Hoffmann

Franz Hoffmann™ Concert Violin - Instrument Only

Sale price$389.00
SKU: SH50044
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The best in class just got better.

In partnership with Connolly Music, the Franz Hoffmann Concert lineup has been refreshed to include premium Alphayue strings from Thomastik-Infeld. Alphayue is a breakthrough string for students of all levels – the number one choice for aspiring artists! Alphayue delights with sound qualities never before available at this price point. A high-tech synthetic core married with renowned Thomastik-Infeld quality delivers a rich, sophisticated sound palette impossible to achieve with steel core strings.

This beautifully hand carved violin is finished with a quality spirit varnish to bring out the best sound from the aged tonewoods. Consistent quality, playability and visual appeal, combined with its value, make the Concert a violin that stands out. Made by our partner workshop in China, each Concert is inspected and fully adjusted in Ann Arbor. In 4/4 - 1/8 sizes.

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Only the instrument is included. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Good Violin for the Price

The quality and sound for the price is good. The only negative was that the E string broke after few uses. When trying to tune using a tuner, the string snapped when it went over E. I don't think it went over E#. Maybe this string was just defective. I've tuned guitar for over 40 years, so know a little about tuning stringed instruments. The we had to steal a string from the old violin. Overall, I'm satisfied with the purchase.

where's the case?

Violin looks fine, was just surprised that it didn't come with a case or bow. Every other violin we've purchased here came with a case. Pretty annoying

Concert Review

Purchased as a discounted blemished instrument for traveling. It was damaged by heat according to a tag on it. There were two impact dents on it and the finish seems dull. There are some areas of rough spots due to heat I suppose. It smelled like glue for several days. Refuses to stay in tune overnight. Regardless, the sound is adequate. Not loud, rather subdued and lifeless. Using a wood bow helps. Changing to Dominates helped too. I don't think I'd buy it if I played it first, but decided to keep it since it was so cheap.

Good beginning violin

So I decided one day to try my hand at the violin. So far, I have been super impressed with this one, being my 2nd, I also got an electric one so that I could practice in my apartment and now I kinda wish I would have just got this one first. Super happy
with it!! Was a little miffed that the week after I bought it, they came out with a package sale with case and bow but it is what it is. Even with the case and bow the whole deal was under $500. Can't complain :)

Great violin for the price but poor varnish quality...

I purchased the Ω version of this violin for my son about 1.5 years ago. I'm going to upgrade to æ size soon. As much as I love both the sound and the playability of this instrument (everybody else also raves about it, private violin teacher, school orchestra
conductor, etc), I'm very hesitant about buying a Franz Hoffman product again. The varnish on the Concert model we own has always been very thin and fragile. After a week of use, my son's violin was already all scratched. He was in second grade when he received
this instrument, and he brings it to school every day, so the violin is subject to a lot of handling, but still. His former violin never got a single scratch. The varnish is resistant and accidentally dropping the bow on it won't leave a huge scratch. My youngest
son now uses the º and it's still like new. After a little more than a year, our Franz Hoffmann violin looks awful and scratched all over. It sounds great, hence my issue. Is this terrible varnish job just an accident and other violins of that brand are fine,
or is it normal and because they're reasonably priced for the overall quality, that's their weakness. I'm not so much into esthetics, but still, I don't want to buy an instrument that's going to look like garbage after a couple of months of intense use. Especially
since it's going to be handed down to the little brother...

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