Toshira™ Deluxe TC100 Violin Case
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Toshira™ Deluxe TC100 Violin Case

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The Toshira Deluxe dart-shaped case has always been popular because of its compact design, suspension feature, strong plywood shell, and value price. Features matched hardware, large sturdy handle with high-quality attachment, professional central latch, built-in back straps, large area for shoulder rest with Velcro restraint, lid stress-relief restraint, and covered bow ribbons. The interior features two bow holders and blanket. Full-length sheet music pocket features an extra pocket inside for calendar, pencil, or small notebook. Black cover with dark indigo blue cotton velvet interior. Available in 4/4 - 1/8 sizes. Fractional sizes do not have string tubes or hygrometers. Weighs 4.5 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great case!

I bought this case for my cheaper violin I use for teaching. I wanted something a little sturdier than the foam version of this case, which I also really enjoyed. This case is sturdy and fits my bon musica shoulder rest. It is really pretty also. I've had it for several years, and except for damage to the handle, from a bunny chewing on it, I think it will hold up for many years. I would recommend this case for any one looking for an affordable nice case with more room and strength than the foam ones.

Great Case, but Straps Come Unstitched

This case had protected my son's violin well and he appreciates the large outer pocket to store music. Unfortunately, the backpack straps, which are an important feature for him when he brings his violin to school, won't stay attached. The came unstitched after a year or so of use. After I sewed them back in place, they fell off again a few months later. My son (this one, at least!) is pretty careful with his belongings and cares about his violin, so I don't think this is a result of misuse. So, if the backpack straps aren't important to you, this case is great!

Rachael B.
Excellent Violin Case

I purchased this as my first violin case, and it is an excellent case! I would definitely recommend this case to anyone. A Bonmusica shoulder rest OR a Kun collapsible shoulder rest fit inside the case - using the velco strap. (i've tried both) My Shar Metro-Tuner, rosin, cloth, and mute all fit inside the storage compartment in the case, with a little room to spare. Personal opinion: when I purchased this case, I was pleased to find it was not quite as bright as the picture shows.

Beware: The 1/16 Size Case is Too Large!

This case appeared to be well made and seemed a great value for the price, however the "1/16" size case is mis-sized and too large for a 1/16 violin! Specifically, the interior length is too long, preventing the case from appropriately stabilizing the
violin, and allowing the body of the violin to slide back and forth. If you have a 1/16th size violin, you may want to avoid this case or risk having to pay return shipping for a case that is too large.

No D Rings!

While trying to post a response to this review per Val's request - I accidentally deleted the original review - Brett 8/29/16

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