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What Makes Hoffmann Stand Out?

The Best Choice for Beginners

Unlike the harsh sound effects of low-quality instruments that misleadbeginners, our violin offers a refined and elegant tone. It provides beginnerswith proper guidance and an excellent learning experience, allowing them totruly enjoy the pleasure of learning and the beauty of music.


Beginnings are critical. That is why we are committed to offering the best student instruments to beginning players.We believe this commitment is why Hoffmann instruments have become so popular with teachers, schools, parents,and beginning students of all ages.

We designed Franz Hoffmann instruments to give you the absolute best student violins, violas, cellos, and basses available on the market today. The consistent quality in materials, construction, playability, tone, and visual appealmake them a great value for every beginning string student.

Working closely with workshops, we have carefully designed and crafted each Franz Hoffmann instrument to ensureour specifications are met. These instruments are then sent to our Ann Arbor workshop to receive final adjustmentsassuring easy playability and polished looks.

All starts here. Learn why Franz Hoffmann™ instruments are such a great choice for the beginning of your explorations into music.

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