Franz Hoffmann™ Amadeus Laminate Cello - Instrument Only
Franz Hoffmann™ Amadeus Laminate Cello - Instrument Only

Franz Hoffmann

Franz Hoffmann™ Amadeus Laminate Cello - Instrument Only

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Franz Hoffmann Amadeus Laminate Cello

Sturdy, crack-resistant, full laminated construction with nitro varnish, solid maple scroll, ebony fingerboard and fittings, and D'Addario Prelude strings. This durable cello is sure to withstand the rigors of any player or program. An open sound and exceptional playability is what our customers experience with the Franz Hoffmann inspection and setup process. Made in China, setup in our Ann Arbor shop. Available in 4/4, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 size.

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This Franz Hoffmann cello does not come with any accessories, it is the cello only.

Customer Reviews

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Couldn't be more satisfied

Great instrument. Perfect price. Super-duper service. Fast shipping. Coudn't ask for better. Will definitely be coming back for more. Thank you again Shar!

Do not hesitate

I am thrilled with my Student cello. I waited and waited to get get a barely-played trade-in cello to save a little money. I wish I had just bought a new one months ago - I'd already be playing! It came perfectly packed, in a timely manner, and only needed tuning up out of the box and I was up and playing. Shar is the best.

excellent cello for beginner

Before this cello arrived, I think this price could not buy a very good cello, however, i was wrong, when I played the first note, i was so surprised, no matter the sounds or the quality, they are so nice, maybe more than nice. I really recommend cello beginner to buy this one, this cello is not too expensive, but it will give you an expensive effect. Love it.

In case of doubt, buy.

I ordered two cellos for students about a year ago and was very happy with both. Down the line, one held up and played great. The other developed some cracks, after 6 months of playing,inside the cello on the base block around the endpin. We contacted
Shar with some pictures, and they accepted a return and sent a brand new cello, no charge to us. Shar service assured us that they had inspected the new cello and that it was a great quality. Boy, were they right. The new cello seemed like an upgrade instrument
from the other two! Everything about it was better quality. And it has held up great as well. So even you're not happy with your purchase, Shar will back you up.


True ebony fingerboard and pegs (not ebony color, ebony the wood). Came with DíAddario Preludes. Setup properly before shipped. I have been a musician all of my life so for those like me, there is a LOT to be desired with the sound/tone. It also sounds muffled a bit when playing up the neck especially on the C and G. Tried everything from rosin methods to finger and bow methods, still muffled sounding. With that said, I LOVE playing this cello and I am learning a lot. Learning how to care for a giant delicate instrument too! If you are just starting out, like me, go ahead and buy this one. It stays in tune, sounds better than the price would lead you to believe, is set up by a luthier and looks very nice on a stand in the corner of the room. You will not find a better cello for this price. Better yet, you can buy it used or refurbished like I did. Iím using the Presto Audition Carbon fiber bow and Wiedoeft cello rosin.

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