What is a Dutch Auction? Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dutch Auction? Frequently Asked Questions

Our 2023 Dutch Auction deals will run on our website from Thursday November 2nd through Monday November 13th at Midnight. In this article, we'll answer some common questions and offer solutions for how to participate this year. 
At Shar Music® we proudly provide a Dutch Auction every year during the first few weeks of November for all of our customers. (Check out the listing here!) It remains one of our most popular events, and a number of people mark their calendars every time, eagerly anticipating what items we will offer. But some of you may be wondering—what exactly is a Dutch Auction? What should I expect? Does Shar Music® actually auction items? In this article, we'll answer some common questions and offer solutions for how to participate this year. 

 Q. What is a Dutch Auction? 

A. You might be familiar with an auction setting that involves people raising little signs in the air and shouting numbers while a fast-talking auctioneer riles up the audience to encourage them to place more bids. While that is certainly how popular culture portrays a traditional auction, a Dutch Auction has its origins in Holland, when the flower market was over saturated with tulips, and flower vendors would repeatedly lower prices every few days to sell their stock. 

This is essentially what Shar Music® will do, but with various products like instruments and accessories. There will be a set list of instruments available and the customer will be able to purchase these items once they go up for auction. The prices will then drop incrementally every four days. 

If that first initial price drop doesn't work for you, keep up with the campaign to see if the next price drop will! 

Q. What can I expect for the Shar Music® Dutch Auction?

A. Our Dutch Auction deals will run on our website from Thursday November 2nd through Monday November 13th at Midnight. It's important to remember that these prices will drop every four days, so keeping an eye on your email and following us on socials is a great way to stay up-to-date on what we're offering. 

We will be adding different instruments halfway through the auction event, so be sure to check back often. 

Q. Who wins the auction? 

A. The first person to bid (buy) the item wins. If we have only one, no one else can win it. If we have more than one, other people will have the chance to bid  until none are left.

Q. What else comes with the instrument being auctioned?

A. These prices are valid for instruments only. Bows and other accessories can be purchased in addition to these auctioned instruments but are not part of the auction itself. 

Q. What are the terms & conditions? 

A. All sales are final. We are not able to offer backorders on any of these auctioned items. These prices are special and cannot be combined with any other offers, sales, or deals. 

Q. What is the quality of the instruments up for auction? 

A. All of these instruments are previously owned or gently used with minor cosmetic blemishes. All instruments are fully playable and fully guaranteed, but will have different amounts of wear. Due to the hand-crafted nature of these, each instrument is unique, even within a group. Blemishes do not affect the functionality of these instruments. 

Q. Are supplies limited? 

A. Yes. Be sure to get the item you want before it sells out. Some instruments are one-of-a-kind or we only have one version in stock. 

Q. Can I use Trade-In or Rental credit for these instruments?

A. At these highly discounted prices these instruments are only available for purchase without the use of credits. Shar Music® gift certificates will be still accepted.

Q. Do I have to be an existing Shar Music® customer to participate? 

A. No, but we are always happy to add new customers! By subscribing to our newsletter you will be able to stay up-to-date on all of the upcoming deals and have access to certain sale prices for email-only savings. For example, our emails will alert you when the Dutch Auction sale prices are lowered.

You can also create an account with us and build a Wishlist to get notified when things you like go on sale, or when things return to our store that are out-of-stock. 

With the holiday season approaching, it's always a good idea to stay subscribed for savings! Below, you will see a screenshot of where to sign up for the newsletter. It is at the very bottom of our homepage. Just enter your email address of choice, and you're subscribed! It's that simple. 

 How to Subscribe to the Shar Music® Newsletter

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