How to Dress Up Your Instrument for Halloween

How to Dress Up Your Instrument for Halloween

What other time of year can you dress up in a costume of your choice and go perform in front of other people? And why not let your instrument join in on the fun?

In towns across the midwest, fall festivals are in full swing, cider mills and orchards are full of apple pickers, and theme parks are full of the screams of people who dared to venture into a haunted house. For many of us, that means the perfect time to face our fears and watch horror films and go trick-or-treating to celebrate Halloween. For musicians, the end of October signals the beginning of orchestra season. 

For some orchestras, Halloween is the one day of the year when their musicians can wear anything they'd like instead of concert black. The Cleveland Institute of Music Orchestra, for example, hosts an annual Spooktacular event on Halloween as part of their family event series. Locally, the University of Michigan's School of Music, Theatre, & Dance puts on an annual Halloween Concert, which you can find tickets for here! Which is to say, what other time of year can you dress up in a costume of your choice and go perform in front of other people? And why not let your instrument join in on the fun? Here are a few ways to incorporate the Halloween spirit into your playing. 

Invest in a cute Scroll Hat

There are a surprising number of musicians who are also accomplished knitters or crocheters. You could certainly ask members of your orchestra if they have experience with these skills, but if this is something you want to invest in, browsing Etsy for a miniature hat for your violin or viola is particularly fun. We are a fan of these little guys, but encourage you to seek one out that speaks to your personality. You could even make your own! 

A blue crocheted violin scroll hat

Use Tiny Costumes to Your Advantage

A wide variety of tiny costumes already exist out there, whether they're for our furry companions or the mini humans in our lives. It's worth it to find the one that works best for your instrument, too! From tiny bat wings, to a mini vampire cape, or even a little clown wig, feel free to get as creative as possible. Want to give your cello or bass a little Baroque or Gothic flair? Buying a decorative fake collar that suits your aesthetic is a great way to dress up your instrument as well, with the added bonus of being able to match it with your own corresponding costume. These collars were of particular interest to us, but feed the algorithm what you're thinking and you might find the right piece to fit your vision. 

Find a Bow Wrap That Suits You

A cute bow decoration might be something that you can use while practicing, or if you have a violin-inspired Halloween Costume in mind that needs a little bit of extra detail. We love these ones from Etsy, which come in a variety of adorable animal shapes. Perfect for someone who wants to go as a Zookeeper Violinist or if your costume is animal themed. 

Monkey Buddy Bow Wrap, The Practice Shoppe Etsy


Classy Violin Covers

Your violin or viola can also get in the spirit of Spooky Season all year-round with the right silk bag. These Carmen Bruna bags are a perfect way to keep your flair for the spooky style up close and personal without having to sacrifice any professionalism. It can also help you prepare for a performance by feeling as though your instrument is also dressed up and ready for a concert, just like you are. The Silver and Black Paisley design is particularly striking, but these silk bags also come in two other groovy styles. 

Carmen Bruna Violin Silk Bag at Shar Music®Feeling Adventurous? Try a Themed Case!

Nothing is more terrifying than a cracked instrument. Shar Music® carries a variety of violin, viola, and cello cases, though our Lion carbon fiber cases are not only extremely durable and give you the most bang for your buck, they also come in several different colors, including the mysterious Danse Macabre, which would be the perfect addition to a Halloween concert. A new case is also a great way to prepare for a busy orchestra season, and help cut down on truly scary things like stage fright or feeling unprepared. It's also a great confidence boost to know your instrument is safe because of the research and thought you've put into choosing your case, and if you find a great color that matches your personality, then so much the better. 

Lion Carbon Fiber Violin Case 1800


So what do you think? How will you be celebrating Halloween? Tell us in the comments or follow us on socials to see how Shar Music® is keeping in the Halloween spirit this year. 

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