Perfect Gifts for the Suzuki Student (And Their Parents!)

Perfect Gifts for the Suzuki Student (And Their Parents!)

Suzuki Students are some of the most hardworking and disciplined little string players out there. Here are a few gift ideas to help show your love for the Suzuki Student in your life this holiday season.  

Suzuki Students are some of the most hardworking and disciplined little string players out there, and as the holiday season is now upon us, it's time to start thinking about how you can show your pride and admiration for all they've accomplished this year. In a previous blog post, we discussed how important it is to make sure teachers feel appreciated, but students themselves are also worthy of praise and celebration. The holiday season is also a busy time for many students, teachers, and their parents, and often culminates in a recital or some other important performance where the student's talents really shine. The end of the year not only means the start of something new, but an entire past twelve months of practice and learning. Here are a few gift ideas to help show your love for the Suzuki Student in your life (and their parents, too!) You can also check out our accompanying Gift Guide here

Games and Motivation for the Suzuki Violin Student

Games and Motivation for the Suzuki Violin Student - by Diane Wagstaff

This collection is an easy-to-use, portable spiral-bound notebook that contains ready-made games to play with Suzuki students. Designed specifically for parents to also play along with a teacher and the student, this collection is highly interactive, as it allows for a hands-on approach to making games with tear-out sheets and papercrafts. 

Note Reading School for Violinists, Kristen Wartberg 

Note Reading School for Violinists, Volume 1 by Kerstin Wartberg from Istex Music Publications

This book is an excellent option as a supplement to the Suzuki curriculum by offering an easy approach to reading music. Intuitive and with clear, precise instructions, this volume would be a welcome addition to any music library. Parents can also enjoy this straightforward approach and follow along with their children. 

Shar Music® PinkyHold 

Shar PinkyHold

As any seasoned violinist or violist can tell you, a player's pinky is crucial for guiding bow direction. Specially crafted by Shar Music,® PinkyHold was created to help studnets master bow control. It's designed to help form a bow hold and – more importantly – to keep fingers relaxed while bowing.

The PinkyHold is designed for the developing student. Small, brightly colored, inexpensive – and crucial. A perfect choice for a budding violinists. 

Kun Junior Collapsible Shoulder Rest

Kun Collapsible Junior Colors - Atomic Green -

Our best-selling shoulder rest for little players. The Kun Junior comes in several flashy, cool colors: Atomic Green, Blue Moon, Papaya, and Razzle Dazzle. Not only is it a helpful tool that can teach kids how to manage their instrument, as well as good posture, it also makes for a great stocking stuffer. It's also fully collapsible, which helps make it a more versatile shoulder rest that can travel in an instrument case. How nice would it be to know you helped the Suzuki student in your life develop into a great player because of this thoughtful gift? 

Twinkle Mat

Twinkle Mat with Small Foot Stickers

In the Suzuki method tradition, Twinkle Mats create a focused space for beginning violinists to develop their best posture and position. Each mat comes with a set of Felt Foot Stickers so you can choose your students' foot position. Easy to roll up and go, Twinkle Mat creates a flexible practice space students, parents and teachers will enjoy. A really nice choice of gift for a student who is getting ready to twinkle in their next class.

To Learn with Love: A Companion for Suzuki Parents 

To Learn With Love: For Suzuki Parents by William & Constance Starr

If your child is just starting their Suzuki journey, it can certainly be overwhelming for many parents, especially if they don't know much about the method to start with and are simply following the teacher's lead. This book is designed to help a parent learn to play along with their child and develop the skills they need. With chapters on how to build a child's confidence and motivation, to nutrition suggestions to boost healthy brains and bodies, this book has so much to offer the parent of a budding musician. 

Hopefully you now have a few more things added to your gift list, and feel confident you can guarantee some smiles this holiday season. Don't forget to cross-reference your gifts with our own Shar Music® Holiday Gift Guide

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