Gift Ideas to Celebrate the Teacher in Your Life

Gift Ideas to Celebrate the Teacher in Your Life

Teachers spend so much time with us, and for many string students that means for a large part of our lives. Here's how to show your appreciation for a teacher this year, whether you are a student or parent looking to show your support. 

As the holiday season approaches, we at Shar Music® thought it best to dedicate an article to sharing our favorite suggestions for celebrating the teacher in your life. Teachers spend so much time with us, and for many string students that means for a large part of our lives. We grow and change with our teachers and experience so much more than just learning--love is a big component of the teacher-student relationship. Here are a few things you could do to show your appreciation for your teacher this year, whether you are a student yourself or the parent of a student looking to show your support. You can also check out our accompanying Gift Guide at this link here

Help Restock their Teaching Kit

Does your teacher need new supplies? Have they mentioned replacing an item or getting something new but haven't yet? Why not help them out by gifting a few things that they will certainly both need and enjoy!

  • A Mini Metronome would look great in any studio, comes in several colors, and it's portable!
  • The Seiko Quartz Metronome is also a popular choice for musicians at any stage because of its crisp sound and flashing/silent mode option. 
  • For the Cellist teacher, an extra endpin stopper can make or break a practice session, and gifting one to your teacher with a fun design (like pink confetti hearts or a honeycomb) can be a great way to show your appreciation. 
  • A new set of stickers can help liven up practice spaces, and you might even be able to find a sheet that you like, too. 
  • An Instrument Repair Kit that includes a peg compound and/or cleaning items would be a nice way to refresh a teacher's space and also give them peace of mind for those necessary adjustments that come up during a practice session. 
  • Helping out your teacher restock their office supplies might not be something they'd expect, but adding themed touches like a set of cute musical note paper clips or even a brand-new pencil pouch would be greatly appreciated. 

Give Them a Personalized Gift 

  • Palomino Pencils are one of the most essential tools teachers and musicians use every day. They are great for lesson planning, taking notes, and for use during orchestra season. Beloved by musicians for their precision and smear-proof graphite. They also come in a fun set of colors
  • A manicure kit is a thoughtful gift you could get any practicing musician. Your teacher will appreciate something that they can use both inside and outside the classroom, as well as it's cute design and pocket size.
  • If you are able, gifting your teacher a subscription service can not only be helpful to them, but also for you as a student. Tomplay Interactive has an incredible library of sheet music that also allows for playalongs in digital formats with options for the phone and desktop, personalized annotation, slowdown and speedup, recording and more!
  • Mugs are a popular choice for many teacher gifts, but why not go the extra mile and get something a little more bespoke? Shar Music® has an elegant option that includes a cup, saucer, original design, and a gift box. This is a great option for special occasions! 
  • Eloise Hellyer's book 1 Teaches 2 Learn: Private Music Teaching & You is a great option to show your teacher how much you appreciate them. With over twenty chapters about the teaching life and experience, plus interviews with professional violinists and pedagogues about their own methodology and practice, this is the volume missing from your teacher's bookshelf. 
  • This anthology of interviews from, features conversations about the craft from players like Hilary Hahn, Joshua Bell, Rachel Barton Pine, Anne Akiko Meyers, and more! Another book ready for a coveted spot in a teacher's studio space. 

Hopefully, you now have an idea where to start looking for gifts for your favorite teacher this orchestra and holiday season. Don't forget to check back with Shar Music® for periodic updates about gift guides and product discounts as we get to closer to the end of the year! 

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