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77 Baroque Basslines for Double Bass - compiled and edited by Lucas Drew - University of Miami Press

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77 Baroque Bass Lines is a collection of excerpts from Baroque basso continuo parts, intended to provide technical and musical studies for aspiring bass players. The excerpts are drawn from works by J.S. Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli, Marcello, and others. Though geared towards players of the double bass, this book can also be useful for those who play cello or viola da gamba.

This book for solo bass is compiled and edited by Lucas Drew. Published by the University of Miami Press.

Difficulty: A3

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Adler, Samuel - Canto VIa for Solo Double Bass - Ludwig Music Edition

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Advanced Technique for Strings - Bass - by Allen/Gillespie/Hayes - Hal Leonard Publication

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The fourth installment in the Essential Elements series, Advanced Technique for Strings continues the flexible sequence format introduced in Essential Technique the teacher orplayer can choose individual exercises from four main sections: scales and arpeggios, shifting studies, rhythm and bowing studies, musical styles.

Repertoire in the musical styles” section is drawn from theBaroque, Classical, and Romantic periods, and includes brief informational sketches about each period, some of its representative composers, and stylistic elements characteristic of the era.

Available for violin, viola, cello, and bass; designed for use in a classroom orchestra setting, but can be used on its own as well.

This is the BASS book.


Bach, Johann Sebastian - Cello Suites, BWV 1007-1012 Transcribed for Solo Bass Published by Ricordi

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The Bach Cello Suites are widely regarded as among the best music written for a solo instrument, and as a result they have been transcribed for a very wide variety of other instruments.� Rediscovered and popularized by Pablo Casals a century ago, these suites vary greatly in difficulty and style.� As a result, developing cellists tend to spend a great deal of time with these suites over the course of their education.

"To me, the Bach Suites are and will be a lifetime of exploration, work, and passion. The range of difficulty and color in the Suites along with pedagogical value and pure enjoyment make them a must for cellists of all ages and levels. Since no autograph exists in Bach's hand there are numerous editions available. The Wenzinger edition published by Barenreiter has become famous for its fairness to authentic interpretation, cleanliness to reading, scholarly suggestions, and generous price bracket. Every cellist should own at least one copy of the Suites for their library (I have four!) and this edition is one of the best to start your journey!"
- Thomas LaForgia, Cello, Shar Apprentice

This edition has been transposed by Paolo Rizzi into keys more natural for solo bass.

For Solo Bass. Published by Ricordi.

Difficulty: A3-6 (Apprentice Rating)

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Bach, JS - Cello Suites 1-3 for Double Bass - Arranged by Sterling - Peters Edition

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Bass Trip for Solo Double Bass by Vasks - Schott Edition

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Andersen, Arthur Olaf - Sonatina for Bass and Piano - Book/CD set - Carl Fischer Edition

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Andersen, Arthur Olaf - Sonatina for Bass and Piano - Carl Fischer Edition

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Bach for the Young Bass Player - Arranged by Zimmermann - Belwin/Mills Publication

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Not available until July 2017

Bach, JS - Gavotte for Double Bass and Piano withCD - Fischer Edition

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