Shar Music is devoted to your musical development, from your first beginning instrument to the eventual instrument of your dreams. We know how important your instrument is in producing the best sound possible. As you grow musically, you will undoubtedly need an instrument that can grow with you. We encourage you to take advantage of our Trade-In Program. Whether it is from a 1/4 size to a 1/2 size or from an advanced instrument to a professional instrument, we offer you a generous Trade-In credit for your current SHAR instrument. Please call our Customer Care Center to arrange the details of your Trade-In.

New Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses from our catalog:

100% of the Trade-In Value of your instrument may be used toward your next instrument. *Refurbishment fees and other conditions apply. Please see Trade-In Terms and Conditions below.

Fine and Rare Instruments:

Instruments from our catalog may be traded in toward the purchase of instruments from our fine and rare instrument collection per the New Instrument policy above. Trade-In arrangements of instruments purchased from our Fine and Rare Collection are made on an individual basis. Please call to speak with a Fine and Rare Instrument Specialist for more details.

Trade-In Terms & Conditions:

  • You must have purchased the original instrument directly from SHAR.
  • Trade-In credit may only be applied toward the purchase of the same type of instrument (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass) of equal or greater value, or toward the purchase of a Previously Traded-In/Blemished/Demo instrument of equal or greater value.
  • Previously Traded-In/Blemished/Demo instruments are not eligible for Trade-In credit toward a future purchase.
  • Trade-In credit from multiple instruments may not be combined toward a single instrument purchase.
  • Trade-In credit may only be applied to the instrument price, and may not be applied to the outfit portion of the new purchase.
  • Trade-In credit may not be applied to electric instruments, guitars, consigned instruments, or SHARWay.
  • Trade-In credit may not be used toward the purchase of any accessories or supplies, including cases and bows.
  • Trade-In credit may not be combined with any other discount or promotional offer, such as String Teacher, Public School Teacher/Non-Profit pricing, or any other discount/sale offer. SHAR Gift certificates may be used toward your purchase.
  • For instruments purchased in a new condition, your Trade-In Value is determined by the current selling price of the identical Trade-In instrument brand, model and size offered through SHAR retail sales, but not more than your original purchase price, whichever is less. Instruments purchased from SHAR as Trade-in quality will have their trade in value determined on a case by case basis. Only the instrument is eligible for Trade-In, not any case or bow.
  • Trade-In credit is defined as the Trade-In Value minus Refurbishment Fee. The Refurbishment Fee covers the cost of readying your instrument for its next player.
  • A Depreciation Fee will apply in addition to the Refurbishment Fee if the instrument has serious damage such as cracks. Any fee will be individually determined based on the condition of your instrument. If this determination is made, you will be contacted to decide between moving forward with the trade-in or having the instrument returned to you.
  • SHAR reserves the right to refuse a Trade-In due to excessive wear, damage, or any other condition at SHAR's sole discretion.
  • Your Trade-In must be returned to SHAR within 30 days of your new instrument purchase to qualify for Trade-In credit. Upon receipt and processing of your Trade-In, you will be refunded the amount of your the Trade-In Credit. You are responsible for return shipping costs and insurance. Please ask about our discounted shipping labels that also include insurance.
  • SHAR reserves the right to change all policies at any time at SHAR's sole discretion.

Refurbishment Fees

Refurbishment Fees for Franz Hoffmann Beginner Instruments

  • $25 for Hoffmann Amadeus/Prelude/Danube Violins and Amadeus Violas
  • $50 for Hoffmann Etude/Maestro/Concert/Vienna Violins and Prelude/Danube/Vienna Violas
  • $150 for Hoffmann Amadeus/Prelude/Danube and Strunal Cellos
  • $250 for Hoffmann Concert Cellos
  • $300 for Hoffmann Amadeus/Prelude/Concert Bass and Strunal Basses

Refurbishment Fees for all other Catalog-Level Instruments

  • $100 for violins $1,000 and under
  • $150 for violas $1,000 and under
  • $250 for cellos $2,500 and under
  • $300 for basses $2,500 and under
  • $200 for violins above $1,000
  • $250 for violas above $1,000
  • $350 for cellos above $2,500
  • $400 for basses above $2,500