Viva La Musica Diamond Violin Shoulder Rest Light
Viva La Musica Diamond Violin Shoulder Rest Light

Viva La Musica

Viva La Musica Diamond Violin Shoulder Rest Light

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The Concert Soloist's Choice, for so Many Reasons

Designed especially for the extreme demands of the concert soloist, European-made Viva la Musica Diamond shoulder rests combine comfort with practicality, freeing the artist to focus on the performance. The ergonomics start with fine solid wood carved into an S-shape, designed to distribute weight across the collarbone; this design significantly reduces fatigue, especially under grueling conditions. The patented Lateral Adjustment Clamping System, made from strong and flexible tool steel, absorbs stress instead of transferring it to the instrument, channeling stress away from the instrument itself; and they remain attached rather than sliding off when undergoing extreme performance conditions.

Your Viva Diamond shoulder rest is collapsible: Fold the feet after you're done playing, for easy storage in your case. And your Viva Diamond remembers your settings -- when you unfold the feet and place your Viva Diamond on your violin, you will not need to adjust it again.

The Viva la Musica Diamond shoulder rest is available in your choice of finishes: Light maple, dark maple, and walnut, and black or gold-plated foot hardware.

Customer Reviews

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Hope Smith
Loved it so

I'll put it simply- loved this so much that I've bought a second one for my extra outfit that travels with me in the summer.

Katherine B
Very good!

I used a KUN forever, but it wore down after 10 years or so and I needed a new shoulder rest. I was interested in getting a wooden shoulder rest, after hearing only good things about better resonance for your instrument. This one has definitely been an adjustment, but not in a bad way. It sounds Fabulous! with my instrument, and I would recommend that on this basis alone. I do have it adjusted back, as it keeps slipping off my collar bone, but am still playing around with the support. I am very happy with how it attaches to my instrument and the sound is great! The rest feels good, but I am adjusting it, what is nice about the rest is that it has great capacity for adjustment, the most in have ever seen!

Sipping came very quickly, and everything came well intact. I am very pleased!


While skeptical about what a shoulder rest can affect sound, I am now a believer. My violin vibrates more with this shoulder rest, and the sound has improved. In addition, I like the multi-adjustments that provides me with a more comfortable and secure fit. It's brilliant.

Jing Jing Lu
Not stable

It took me an hour to adjust this shoulder rest, however It keeps falling from my violin when I am playing. It has made a stretch on my violin!


My posture is bad, and tend to be a little "animated", so the shoulder rests I've had before always seem to shift/slide or get out of position. Brought my violin to Shar, and Tereza (as a customer/consumer, I would say that she provides ABSOLUTELY the
best service in any industry) laid out many options. She offered opinions, but as usual gave me time to try each one out in their demo room. Obviously eventually settled on this one. Not only is this thing beautiful (grained wood: light or dark options to
match your instrument), it has so many different angles and positions you could adjust. Once I got settled in, I've found it stayed securely in every way no matter how much I varied position/pressure while playing. It is light and compact. The grips/legs an
be folded down if there there is not much room in your case.

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