Thomastik Infeld Spirocore Viola String Set - Full Size - Medium Gauge

Spirocore (Thomastik Infeld)

Thomastik Infeld Spirocore Viola String Set - Full Size - Medium Gauge

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Spirocore Viola Strings

Hi-tech spiral steel core strings. This core has a greater elasticity than conventional strings, which means less inertia and a longer period of musical vibration. The sound is full and homogoneous, balanced and voluminous. Equally effective playing arco or pizzicato. Spirocore's hi-tech core makes for effortless fingering, responsive bowing, stable tuning and a very long string life.

Instrument: Viola
String Type: Set
Size: 15 to 16 1/2 inch
Gauge: Medium

A String: Chrome wound over a spiral core
D String: Chrome wound over a spiral core
G String: Chrome wound over a spiral core
C String: Chrome wound over a spiral core

String Tonal Profile:

Customer Reviews

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Great projection

The C string is vibrant and rich. It is a great soloist set, but not good on my instrument for chamber music.

Just NO

I am sorry to have to disagree so violently with the previous reviewer, but I hate these and am unhappy to have wasted $90 on them (sale price). The C and G sounded reasonably ok right from the start, but the A was so awful I removed it and put back the
ancient Larsen string that has been on this instrument since I bought it used a few years ago. Despite how worn out the other strings are (I think all Larsens) I may put them back and just drop kick these into the trash since they are not completely untouched
in the package and can't be returned. They are stiff and harsh and the wrapped ends are so thick they required me to try modifying my fine tuners which was risky. I suppose they might please someone who has a very dark instrument that needs brightening, and
doesn't mind really thick strings, but that isn't me...

So you're looking for a bigger sound...

Want a bigger sound and more projection? Time to stop getting lured in by prettily packaged (i.e. dramatic green portraits or paintings of red circles), expensive, synthetic-core strings, and buy youself some steel strings. The newer synthetic-core strings will often sound fantastic under your ear, but you aren't playing just for yourself. What matters is how your viola sounds out in the concert hall. Each brand of string will sound different on each instrument, but the complaint I often hear is about a lack of tonal "substance", especially on the lower end (G and C strings). These Spirocore strings break in quickly, last an incredibly long time, and project project project. Louder isn't always better, but if you are looking for great-sounding, powerful strings, give these a try. (I do still use a Jargar or Larsen A-string; the Spirocore A can be a bit brash).

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