The Impressionist Chinrest Comforter - Black Large
The Impressionist Chinrest Comforter - Black Large

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The Impressionist Chinrest Comforter - Black Large

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The Impressionist

The Most Revolutionary Advamce in Violin Comfort Since... the Chinrest!

In 1831, violinist Louis Spohr invented the chinrest. Since then, violinists and fiddlers alike have tried, and usually failed, to find a chinrest that really fits them. The sad results: chronic pain and discomfort, teeth clenching and poor positioning.

Professional fiddler and educator Paul Anastasio knew there must be a better way.

The Impressionist is the first real improvement in chinrest comfort in 177 years. Just soften in hot water, towel-dry, and place it on top of your violin or viola chinrest. Holding the instrument normally for five seconds allows The Impressionist to take an exact impression of your jaw. Give it fifteen minutes to cool, and that's all there is to it. And, you can reshape it as many times as you wish!

**Chinrest not included**

Customer Reviews

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Freedom From Distraction!

Like many players, I have experimented with various chin rests and shoulder rests, and had arrived at what I thought was a pretty good setup. I knew there was still some looseness in it, and while I was playing I often made little adjustments to how I was holding my violin. Now with the Impressionist in place I don't have to adjust at all. I'm amazed at how much it helps my playing - it's easier to play in tune, my left hand is more relaxed, and my tone is better because it's easier to pay attention my bow placement and angle. It's a very substantial difference. I wish I would have found this thing years ago.

It works!

After futzing with NUMEROUS shoulder rests to find a firm and comfortable way to play, I purchased this. Made all the difference in the world. I highly recommend this maleable product.

No more viola fatigue!

I am a small person to play viola, and after long rehearsals, always had a sore neck and shoulder. When I first molded my Impressionist I was very skeptical that it would work, since it didn't seem to change shape very much. It was just what was needed to get a better hold on a large viola. I play for community theater musicals, church gigs and weddings and no longer have any soreness after playing for hours at a time.

Waiting for it to work.

I got it for my uncomfortable chinrest. It never molds right! I keep trying but it is never right!

works great but disintigrates

I love the functionality of this product and was very happy with the first one until is started falling apart. The material broke down and would stick to my neck. I bought another hoping for better results, but the result has been the same. Maybe it's my body chemistry, but I was very disappointed.

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