Jargar Superior Violin String Set 4/4 Size Medium
Jargar Superior Violin String Set 4/4 Size Medium

Jargar Superior

Jargar Superior Violin String Set 4/4 Size Medium

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Customer Reviews

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Tomas Aviles
Best prices

The best site for string instruments needs.

Phil Braho
Nice sound but too stiff

I have tried these strings before and I love the sound of these but they are way too thin and stiff on the fingers. Sound wise they are close in sound to Dominants but with a bit more clarity. I would recommend these a bit more if they weren't so stiff on the fingers.

Love the sound

I installed these strings on my Carlos Lamberti Guarneri LV20 (year 2014) and I absolutely love the way they compliment my instrument. I use this violin in chamber music, symphonic, recitals, and bluegrass. From genre to genre, these strings respond well to the diverse articulations and bowing styles from my day to day rehearsals and performances. I prefer these strings over the Evah Pirazzi and Il Cannone. Give these strings a chance!

Best synthetic strings on the market today

In my opinion, these are by far the best synthetic strings available on the market today - but they are relatively high in tension, so they only work on instruments that can sustain higher tension strings. I started using these strings after asking Joshua Bell what he currently had on his Stradivarius - he told me he was using the Jargar Superior set with the extra heavy Goldbrokat E string, which I tried on my instrument - the extra-heavy Goldbrokat E was a bit too much, so I swapped it out for a heavy gauge Goldbrokat E instead, later switching to a Jargar Forte E. They have a bit of a break-in period - they're mostly broken in and ready to play on after a few hours of stretching, but I find that it takes about a week of playing for these strings to achieve their best sound and response, after which I enjoy a very long lifespan from these strings - even longer than the Peter Infeld set, my previous favorite string set. Pi strings lasted about 2-3 months for me, but the Jargar set seems to last up to 4 months, with 4-6 hours of playing every day. They have by far the richest overtones of any synthetic strings I've tried, comparable to Pirastro's legendary Oliv gut strings. The sound is quite bold and soloistic, but not brash or coarse like Evah Pirazzi strings, and they have an effortless focus and carrying power like Peter Infeld strings. It feels as though they've combined the power and punch of Evah Pirazzi strings with the refinement and noble sound of Peter Infeld. In my opinion, these strings are the closest that synthetic strings have gotten to capturing the sound and feel of Oliv strings, which are arguably the best gut string on the market. These strings are definitely more suitable for professional players, or advanced students (conservatory level or comparable) - they require a precise bow arm to play, and are not as forgiving as some other synthetic strings; they are very sensitive to variations in contact point and bow speed/pressure.


For me, there are many superior sets of strings at this price point.
I have been playing them heavily for a week. They were slow to break in sonically, retaining a steely tone for a couple days. Even after they warmed up, there were some issues. Namely, they require lots of vibrato and finesse to get a good sound from, and they created an odd wolf tone issue on D string. The tone is intense and 'classical' (read: bright) when coaxed properly.
Two positives: they are quick to speak and sound good at low volume.
I won't order another set. Your results may vary.

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