Strad Pad Chinrest Cover - Large - Velcro Attach
Strad Pad Chinrest Cover - Large - Velcro Attach

Strad Pad

Strad Pad Chinrest Cover - Large - Velcro Attach

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Hard wooden chin rests can be uncomfortable – and your chin can slip from the smooth surface. The best-selling Strad Pad solves both problems. The Strad Pad allows you to maintain tonal quality for a pleasant playing experience. Attaches with a simple Velcro square: easily removable, though it can also remain on when you put your instrument in its case.

Made of soft synthetic latex foam, the Strad Pad is attractive and affordable. Ends slippage, keeps you comfortab
le for long practice and playing sessions. What more do you need?

– Washable, easily removable.
– Far superior to homemade solutions like cloths and handkerchiefs.
– Full tonal clarity without muffling.
– Provides cushioned, relaxing play. No neck strain, no chin discomfort.

Available in two sizes:

Standard size is recommended for fractional violins and full-sized violins with smaller (usually side-mounted) chin rests.

Large is recommended for full-sized violas and for full-sized violins with larger chin rests (Guarneri, Flesch-Hump).

Customer Reviews

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I love the large VELCRO STRAD PAD for VIOLA !

Often unconventional, I reversed the STRAD PAD in order to attach the velcro glue/sticky side to the viola ribs after removing the chin rest. Then I attached the corresponding velcro surface to the rib velcro, effectively reversing the position of the STRAD PAD. It is WONDERFUL to play without pain! It is a bit difficult to stabilize the viola when playing on the A string without the chinrest, however. To remedy that, today I will create a ridge out of a clay that hardens in the air. It will sit on the upper plate under the raised edge of the STRAD PAD ! I'll let you know how that works!

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