Strad Pad Chinrest Cover - Large - Elastic Attach
Strad Pad Chinrest Cover - Large - Elastic Attach

Strad Pad

Strad Pad Chinrest Cover - Large - Elastic Attach

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Hard wooden chin rests can be uncomfortable – and your chin can slip from the smooth surface. The best-selling Strad Pad solves both problems. The Strad Pad allows you to maintain tonal quality for a pleasant playing experience. This elastic version has a dual attachment – one removable elastic strap for the chin rest and one removable elastic strap for the bout.

Made of soft synthetic latex foam, the Strad Pad is attractive and affordable. Ends slippage, keeps you comfortable for long practice and playing sessions. What more do you need?

– Washable, easily removable.
– Far superior to homemade solutions like cloths and handkerchiefs.
– Full tonal clarity without muffling.
– Provides cushioned, relaxing play. No neck strain, no chin discomfort.

Available in two sizes:

Standard size is recommended for fractional violins and full-sized violins with smaller (usually side-mounted) chin rests.

Large is recommended for full-sized violas and for full-sized violins with larger chin rests (Guarneri, Flesch-Hump).

Customer Reviews

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Essential equipment

This accessory has become essential for my violist. She's shown herself sensitive and has quite the "viola hickey." She will always have one, but using the strad pad has lessened its severity and removed any discomfort she experienced as a result. I have had to re-glue the straps with some liquid stitches, which was a pain but not that big of a deal. She loves it and uses it every day.

From my Chinny Chin Chin

Well I bought this chinrest over 10 years ago and I have been thrilled with it!
But like everything else in life, it did not stand the test of time.
But it doesn't have a lifetime warranty, so why does that matter?
Because I just opened my case the the chinrest is rotting with moisture from the inside and almost started to stick to the chinrest!
I think a shelf life of 10 years is best with this product.
I probably would get it again.

useful & durable

I'm allergic to most metals - so the chin rest mounts tend to really bother me. This pad covers all the exposed metal parts nicely. I travel quite a bit and play at lots of outdoor festivals in the summer. This pad holds up really well to the stress of touring as well as normal wear and tear of heat, humidity and sweat. You can wash the pad as well, and in five years I've only had to buy two. That's not bad in my book for something you use every day!

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