SharWay Premium Viola Outfit

Franz Hoffmann

SharWay Premium Viola Outfit

$34.99/month for 30 months
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Say Goodbye to Never-Ending Payments!
If you stay in the same size instrument for the full SharWay Term, the payments automatically end. 

Build Equity from the First Payment!
100% of all monthly payments accumulate as SharWay Equity, which may be used towards 50% of the direct purchase (not a SharWay Buy-Out) of any instrument of greater value within 60 days of the last received payment. Upon completion of the SharWay Term, Customer has 60 days to use accumulated SharWay Equity. 

Upsizes & Exchanges Ship FREE!
Round trip shipping is included with an Upsize or Exchange. SharWay Equity continues to accumulate as you change sizes or levels. 

Early Buyout Option!
A BuyOut option is available as an early payoff of the SharWay Outfit. A BuyOut is calculated as 50% of the remaining payments after the completed Initial Period shown below. 

SharWay Level      Initial Period      SharWay Term
Premium                 6 months             30 months


Payments are processed at the time of order and then each month thereafter (not sooner than 30 days after your order).

You may cancel your SharWay agreement at any time. Please contact a Shar Representative at 800.248.7427 prior to returning your instrument to Shar so that we may process your request in the most timely manner possible.

Outfit Includes:
- A brand new Franz Hoffmann Concert Viola
- Bow
- Case
- Rosin

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