Shar Music® Raincoat for Violin
Shar Music® Raincoat for Violin


Shar Music® Raincoat for Violin

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Protect your instrument & case!


Peace of mind, no matter what the weather. Every violinist knows the experience of getting stuck in a downpour. And the question always is: “Should I make a run for it, or wait for the weather to clear?” If you have a fancy leather case, it’s even more of a dilemma.

The Shar Music® Raincoat is your solution. With your violin case inside this strong, weather-resistant raincoat, you can go on your way with the assurance that you’re protected from the elements. Unlike rain covers made from flimsy material, the Shar Music Raincoat is constructed from heavy gauge nylon, for complete protection and years of dependable service. For any oblong violin case.


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Raincoat - Great protection ... if you have the time!

My title says it all. It takes a minute or two to put your case inside the bag, or to take the case out of the bag. Once inside, it's a good fit - I have the oblong shape - and the bag (raincoat) is quite sturdy and waterproof. For 4 bucks it's a very good deal if you get free shipping.

Raincoat for violin case

High quality material and great item for the price. Only complaint is that it doesn't have a zipper and you have to remove it entirely every time then put it back on.

A Must-Buy

I'm one of those people who are maybe a tad too overprotective of their instrument. Full suspension case, double locking it up, humidifier, buckling it up safer than I would a child: you name it, I've done it to protect my violin. Lately, the weather around
my place has been a dripping soggy mess. It would be nice, actually, if I lived a hermit's life, but unfortunately people don't pay for me to play in the comfort of my own room. Thus comes the string musician's rain dance that we all know, hunched figures
running like the devil is coming after us with a new sonata idea involving double stops while clutching a precious instrument covered in shawls, jackets, corner store plastic bags, and whatever random junk we think can protect our babies. And they get wet
anyway. So, I saw this magnificent invention, a raincoat meant for instrument cases, and just could not resist. Five bucks for peace of mind and keeping my body in one piece while running blind through a downpour in a church parking lot? Deal. Cons: Takes
forever to put on and off. Chances of looking like a 10 year old cellist who is trying to fit a 3/4 cello into a 1/2 case: high. Case handle may be a tad too large to fit through the hole. Looks baggy, yet somehow a tight fit? If you don't have the SHAR logo
facing outwards, you will definitely look like a suspicious character. If you do, now you become a suspicious character who wasn't good enough at performing illegal activities and requires a sponsor to continue to perform their work

Not Perfect

This "Raincoat" would be much better if it had a zipper. I bought it to use more as a dust cover to keep my violin case clean. Yes. It says "Raincoat," but that doesn't mean it can't be used as a dust cover as well. A zipper would allow easy access to
the case instead of having to pull this Raincoat completely off. It's also a tight fit for the Eagle Hill-Style Violin Case I bought from Shar, so just getting it off is not the easiest. This Raincoat needs a 52-inch zipper for a single zipper, which is what
I'm going to buy and add to this Raincoat. Otherwise, the material is quality, the stitching appears to be quality, and overall, the case is worth the price. Oh, Yeah. Did I mention it needs a zipper. ?? No zipper means it's not a perfect Raincoat, so I deducted
one star. I should deduct two stars, because no zipper makes this Raincoat a PIA.

Very impressed with this product!

First of all, shipping was amazing! My order came THE NEXT DAY. When I ordered it I did not expect such a heavy duty cover. It is made from a heavy waterproof canvas. Very high quality. It fits my case with room to spare, but not baggy. I'm very happy
with it!

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