Overture Premium Bulk Violin String 10-Sets 4/4 Size

Overture Premium

Overture Premium Bulk Violin String 10-Sets 4/4 Size

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Overture Premium Violin Strings - 10 Sets

Taking over three years to develop, the secret of Overture strings is in combining high quality precision German alloys, low cost, yet accurate, Chinese manufacturing, and Shar's commitment to excellence. Our dedicated product development staff, all players themselves, went through countless prototypes from numerous established string manufacturers until they sounded, felt and played just right! And we didn't stop there - we inspect each new batch of strings to ensure that our high quality standards are constantly maintained. Overture strings are smooth, with a more direct texture, producing a tone that is clear, focused and relatively more brilliant and direct. Each student set includes two (2) E strings: one with a loop end and one with a ball end.

Instrument: Violin
String Type: Set
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium

E String: Solid steel, Loop End
E String: Solid steel, Ball End
A String:
Solid steel
D String: Solid steel
G String: Solid steel

String Tonal Profile:

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Kelly Cottet
I love these strings!

I teach middle school orchestra, and I go through lots of strings! These strings help me to keep all of my violins sounding good at a great price!

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