Shar Fusion Carbon Fiber Violin Bow
Shar Fusion Carbon Fiber Violin Bow
Shar Fusion Carbon Fiber Violin Bow
Shar Fusion Carbon Fiber Violin Bow
Shar Fusion Carbon Fiber Violin Bow
Shar Fusion Carbon Fiber Violin Bow
Shar Fusion Carbon Fiber Violin Bow


Shar Fusion Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

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For years string teachers have told us that fiberglass bows are a durable and practical choice for active young students and their budget-conscious parents. But because they lack the finesse and handling properties of wood or carbon fiber bows, teaching bowing techniques can be difficult. We listened to our colleagues and set out to find a solution. The result is the Shar FUSION student bow. Utilizing carbon fiber construction, the Shar FUSION is strong and priced right. But best of all, the Shar FUSION performs like much more expensive wood or carbon fiber bow. Try one today!

"When considering a new bow for their student, teachers and parents alike have expressed their desire for a well-constructed bow that doesn't compromise its playability and responsiveness. I'm happy to say this bow is an excellent option for customers looking for a durable and practical bow, without inhibiting a young player's sound and technique development. Immediately after trying this bow for the first time, I noticed how easily the violin responded to it."
- William Kaltz-Hall, Violinist, Contact Center Representative

Canadian rock group Article One, combines pop-rock accessibility with the hard-driving virtuosity and honesty of an indie band. Here's what Article One's world-class rock violinist, Matt Piche', has to say about the Shar Fusion bows that he uses in his performances:

"The Shar Fusion allows me to express all the passion and intensity that Article One's music demands, without wilting or breaking. Sometimes our shows get a little crazy - the rugged Fusion bow stands up to abuse better than any wood bow, yet it plays like a good wood bow. It's ideal for demanding music-making."

Customer Reviews

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Better than Glasser or cheaper Brazilwood

At $60, this bow is around the same price as a re-hair, so it's almost a disposable bow. To that end, it's great for what it is. It is more responsive than a glasser, and won't warp like a cheap brazilwood bow. I have my students buy this bow as a step up from the aforementioned bows, and works perfectly for the developing musician that is a step or two above 'beginner'. The cons? I have found one that is reoccuring; the wedge in the frog has worked its way out of a few of my students' bows after only a few months of use. If it is recovered I can reinstall it, but that seems like a basic QC issue that a reputable company like Shar should really address!


The Shar Fusion Carbon Fiber Violin Bow is a game-changer for me. It has improved my playing and made it easier to produce a clear, crisp sound. The design is sleek and modern, and it's a great addition to my collection of violin accessories.

Exceeding Expectations

I was hesitant to switch to a carbon fiber violin bow, but the Shar Fusion exceeded my expectations. It's durable, responsive, and produces a beautiful tone. I highly recommend this bow to any serious violinist.

Love it !

I am absolutely in love with my Shar Fusion Carbon Fiber Violin Bow! The carbon fiber material makes it incredibly lightweight and easy to handle, while still producing a beautiful sound. Highly recommend for any violinist looking for a high-quality bow.

Nice Bow

I'm not an advance student, and have not tried more than intermediate level bows, but I do like the weight and draw of this bow. It feels very smooth and brings out a strong sound. My one issue is that the screw is rather tight. I can still turn it, but it's not easy and sometimes a little difficult to get the hair to a proper tension.

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