Principles of Violin Playing & Teaching (Paperback) by Ivan Galamian

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Principles of Violin Playing & Teaching (Paperback) by Ivan Galamian

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Now back in print, this classic book of technique introduces the Galamian system of violin playing. Ivan Galamian (1903-1981) was one of the great violin teachers of the 20th century, instructing Itzhak Perlman and Pinchas Zukerman, as well as countless other world-class concert artists and orchestral concertmasters.

Suitable for violin teachers and students of all ages and levels, this guide presents general principles and offers practical suggestions related to posture, holding the instrument and bow, vibrato movements, intonation, tone production, bowing patterns, double stops, trills, and many other facets of playing and practice. This edition includes a postscript written by the late Professor Emeritus Elizabeth A. H. Green. 144 pp. 1999 printing. Paperback. Also available in hardcover.

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Bravo Shar!

I acquired the first edition of "Principals of Violin Playing and Teaching" by Ivan Galamian in 1976. Later, when it was out of print, I was offered ten times its original cost, but would not let it out of my sight. On seeing it available again, in both
hardbound and soft cover through Shar, i decided a second copy would be good to have, not realizing that Shar did this published edition and added an entire chapter by Elizabeth A. H. Green. Now I must say Bravo Shar! You not only made a valuable resource
available again, but your addition by Ms Green, with her concise descriptions that thoroughly clarify Galamian's work, more than double the value of the original book for teachers and players alike. No one associated with strings should be without this wonderful
work, especially since Shar has made it available at such a reasonable price. I readily give this book ten stars instead of a mere five.

A must-have!

This should be in every violinists library! Ivan Galamian is the master of violin pedagogy!

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