Evah Pirazzi Platinum Violin E String
Evah Pirazzi Platinum Violin E String

Evah Pirazzi (Pirastro)

Evah Pirazzi Platinum Violin E String

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This intense and powerful string has a synthetic fiber core and produces a complex sound, rich with overtones. An expressive string with great nuances and an enormous dynamic range gives exceptional playability and outstanding response. Resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.

Instrument: Violin
String Type: E
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Weich or Medium

E String: Platinum, Removable Ball End

String Tonal Profile:

Customer Reviews

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Great string

I put this on my violin alongside PI's and love the results. If this E string lasts as long as the other platinum E, we may have a winner.

As expected and more...

I have been playing the violin for 13 years. Since then, I have transitioned from student to intermediate, and from advanced to a fine old violin that is quite complex and powerful, but also whose tone needed coaxing out on the higher-end of the harmonics.
I had an Evah Pirazzi goldsteel E on it before the anxiously awaited arrival of this new Platinum E... so when I got it from Shar in the mail just the other day, I installed this E and let it sit for half a day while it settled in to the rest of the set of
Evah Golds- when I brought it back up to pitch and began playing, I noticed the open E string didnít have that metallic ëhissí or ëtwangí that many of them do out of the package. It actually sounded full. Not only that, but the left-hand feel is just superb.
Different, but superb. Itís very easy to shift into higher positions up the fingerboard, the tone is radiant but crystal-clear, and yet with a striking warmth and complexity that didnít quite exist on my instrument before, and the response is dead-on. It's
improved my violinís fullness of tone, response, and sound color in every aspect! No looking back now! Thanks, Shar!

Remarkable e-string

On my violin, which is warm and open sounding, provenance not agreed upon, mid-20th century, the Evah Platinum E (medium/26.7 gauge) projects better than any other E-string that Iíve tried. I donít quite understand it - itís otherwise a fairly warm and round-sounding e-string, unusually soft and supple in feel. Itís amazing. My violin tends to like heavier tension e-strings - you may prefer the light gauge version, but I donít.

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