Pirastro Oliv Violin String Set - Medium Gauge - Loop End E

Oliv (Pirastro)

Pirastro Oliv Violin String Set - Medium Gauge - Loop End E

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The Quintessential Gut String

For the musician seeking the best possible sound and complexity, Pirastro Olive Strings are the only choice. Designed and crafted for the modern repertoire, at A440+ tuning, Olive strings provide a richness in sound and overtones that are simply unmatched. With over two centuries of manufacturing gut strings, Pirastro is the world's leader in stewarding this traditional technology, painstakingly managing the processing of gut in order to optimize its qualities. Once finished, Olive strings are wound with aluminum or silver, then highly polished by hand to a silky finish.

Instrument: Violin
String Type: G
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Varied

E String: Goldsteel string, Loop End
A String:
Aluminum wound over gut core, 13-1/2 gauge
D String: Gold-Aluminum wound over gut core, 16-3/4 gauge
G String:
Gold-Silver wound over gut core 15-3/4 gauge

String Tonal Profile:


Customer Reviews

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Amazing Strings

Hello, I just want to say that these strings are decent and they play well. I enjoy them, considering how they stay in tune after a while. The only downside about them is that the D and the G strings do go out of tune so much sense they're gut strings. But overall, they're nice strings, and really enjoy them.

Fabulous String

My violin is an Albani made circa 1700. Its dimensions are slightly smaller than a typical full-size violin. It has a warm, soft, but rich tone, yet a powerful sound that projects well when using Pirastro Eudoxa strings. Since the 1960s, my standard strings have been the Pirastro Eudoxa, although from time to time I used the less powerful Pirastro Gold Label when I didnt have enough money to buy the Eudoxa strings. Over the last three years, I have experimented with several strings offered by Shar Music: Larsen; Pirastro Eudoxa, Olive, Obligato, Evah Pirazzi, and Wonder Tone Solo; and Thomastick Dominants and Vision Titanium. So far, the most satisfactory sounding strings have been the Eudoxa and Olive.
Arguably the finest string made. I absolutely love the sound that they make on my violin and they had amazing projection. However, I went through three D strings before I decided that the cost difference between these strings and the Eudoxa was not worth the expense.

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