Pirastro Obligato Violin String Set with Silver D and Gold E - Medium Gauge - Ball End E
Pirastro Obligato Violin String Set with Silver D and Gold E - Medium Gauge - Ball End E
Pirastro Obligato Violin String Set with Silver D and Gold E - Medium Gauge - Ball End E

Obligato (Pirastro)

Pirastro Obligato Violin String Set with Silver D and Gold E - Medium Gauge - Ball End E

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Pirastro Obligato Strings

Warm and sonorous tone quality, rich with overtones. Produces an impressive amount of volume, a very dynamic response and great playability. Excellent uniformity across all strings with pliable feel under the finger. Resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.

Instrument: Violin
String Type: Set
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium

E String: Gold plated over a steel core, Ball End
A String: Aluminum wound over a synthetic core
D String: Silver wound over a synthetic core
G String: Silver wound over a synthetic core

String Tonal Profile:

Customer Reviews

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Jillian Hoge
Pirastro Obligato: Soft and Bright

I've been playing violin for nine years and am in a professional orchestra in my region. I have loved the Pirastro brands, finding them substantial and excellent in sound. But, I found the Eva Pirazzi strings to be too shrill, bright, and was replacing them up to four times a year. As I am playing in the violin "stratosphere" quite often, I appreciate a soft, yet bright sound. After researching several different brands, I bought the Obligatos (with Silver D and Gold E, medium gauge). They are the best string purchase I've ever made. They allow my violin to sing in any range. The high positions on G and E string are the hardest to create resonance, but the strings themselves make any register ring without the shrill. Another factor is that in two years, I have only replaced these strings TWICE. Thank you Shar for helping me find the right strings and making these available at a reasonable price!

Kristine Fish
Love this string set!

I love hearing a warm sounding violin that just melts your heart and these strings do just that while still providing projection. The E string is gold and is prone to whistling so you have to be aware of how much pressure you are using when doing string crossing and chords to avoid that. But the open E sound is beautiful!

Tom W.
Haven't arrived

These strings were stuck in Michigan with the Post Office for several days and might finally be delivered this afternoon. I can't share about the quality or the tone of the strings when I don't have them yet.

I love these Strings!

These Obligato Violin Strings, with the Gold E String, are everything promised...warm and complex tone, easy to play, and settle in quickly. I tried many different Strings, trying to find that one, that really suits my Italian Violin...these are the ones! I love how they make my Violin sound!

Fantastic strings!!

My violin finally sounds how I envisioned it to sound with these strings!! I have tried everything from Vision Solo's to tonicas to violino to dominant and none of them really worked for my violin. After 9 different sets of strings over the last 3 years,
I have finally found what I like! These strings are warm, full, clear, and ringing! Violino strings are a good cheaper alternative to these but they didn't have the same level of clarity Obligato stings have on my violin. Highly recommend trying these strings!

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