Pirastro Cello Perpetual Soloist A String
Pirastro Cello Perpetual Soloist A String

Perpetual Soloist (Pirastro)

Pirastro Cello Perpetual Soloist A String

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Pirastro Perpetual Soloist Cello Strings

Perpetual strings are characterized by great flexibility and an extraordinary tonal spectrum: from a sweet, warm tone to sheer endless power – everything is possible. The tone is focused and clear, the most delicate touches are instantly audible and the base warmth always present. The natural qualities and timbre of each cello are enhanced by the strings’ great dynamics and intensity.

The Perpetual Soloist offers more brilliance and dynamics. It was designed to have clarity and power on the G and C strings, while being warm on the A and D. The combination of its wonderfully round and full sounding A string with a surprisingly small diameter soloistic D string awards the player with a sound image that has incredible radiance and presence.

Instrument: Cello
String Type: A
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Soloist

A String:
Chrome wound over a steel core

String Tonal Profile:

Customer Reviews

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Love this string

I have tried a few A strings on my Glitsos cello since I bought it a year ago, Giving the Larsen II Cannone and the Magnacore several months of play. I was just not quite satisfied and went to Shar Music for reviews. I found the Perpetual Soloist and this string is the ticket for this cello. If you are looking for string that just feels so wonderful under your fingers and has a huge warm voice, give this a try.

Incredible Strings!

These strings have the richest and darkest sound out of every string I've tried -- all without sacrificing the projection and power you need out of an A string. Highly recommend to any cellist with a bright sounding cello.

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