Peak SMS-32 Flat Panel Desk Music Stand
Peak SMS-32 Flat Panel Desk Music Stand
Peak SMS-32 Flat Panel Desk Music Stand


Peak SMS-32 Flat Panel Desk Music Stand

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Unlike our other Peak stands, this stand features a flat, non-folding desk, with a smooth writing surface for when taking notes is important. Foldable tripod base with rubber feet. Height adjusts from 36" to 52", and the desk measures 19.5" X 13.5". The lip depth is 1  7/8". Weighs 8 lbs and fits conveniently in the included carry bag.

Customer Reviews

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Peak Portable Music stand

Good quality music stands it's stable and won't blow over in the wind yet it is portable and comes with its carrying case. For years I used the small light portable stand that always fell over in a good breeze when our community orchestra played outside. If you would like a stable stand that's still portable this is an excellent choice.

My favorite stand

"I bought each of my kids this stand for Christmas a year or two ago, and I like them so much I tend to borrow them frequently! I like it more than my studio stands because the desk is smooth; no rivets to work around when marking music. It is taller than
the studio stands I use, and can be adjusted even shorter. If I could roll back the hands of time, I would have purchased a batch of these rather than the standard stands I bought for use with my students. These are sturdy, stable, easy to assemble, and they
fold nicely into their bags so as not to take up floor space. I'm buying another one of these for myself because I want to keep one in our vehicle."

Most stable stand I've had

Setup was easy. When I made sure the leg assembly was all the way down, it was even. I really like the metal construction, hope the plastic latches last. Latches are easy to use, but secure. It has proven more stable than a Manhasset, which is great. The carrying case is better quality than I expected. I have a small living/practice space, and it's great to have something that's more solid than a wire stand, but tucks away in a corner when I'm not using it.

Misleading size specs

If youíre looking for a tall stand, and are thinking this is an option because this says it extends to 52î, donít waste your time. Thatís the very top of the connection plate in the back. The music sits lower than my old stand in use. Returning.

Lopsided desk

The music stand I received was lopsided, with no adjustment available. When assembled, the panel desk sat at a tilt with one side higher than the other. I rated it a two, since it was usable (if you tilted your head to match), but I also returned it.

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