Otto Ernst Fischer™ Bianca Concert Cello - 4/4 size
Otto Ernst Fischer™ Bianca Concert Cello - 4/4 size
Otto Ernst Fischer™ Bianca Concert Cello - 4/4 size

Otto Ernst Fischer

Otto Ernst Fischer™ Bianca Concert Cello - 4/4 size

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Our Bianca cello is crafted in Romania using choice Carpathian spruce tops and and flamed maple.

The oil varnish is delicately shaded and applied by hand.

Final professional set-up is performed in our shop in Ann Arbor, including installation of Larsen Soloist A and D strings, Spirocore Tungsten G and C strings, and a Wittner alloy tailpiece.

This is a responsive cello with a deep, full-spectrum tone.

Customer Reviews

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Bad product, bad customer service.

This cello arrived looking nothing like the one pictured. The tone was terrible and it did not resonate. I took it to my luthier who would only put an A string on it t for me since it broke when I tried to tune it. The pegs kept slipping back whenever I tried to tune it. My luthier said this was a very cheap instrument and he would not try to do anything to it. I tried to buy one like it from the Dutch auction but they said they only had one and I could buy another one on their site. I did, for a thousand or so more. I felt this was a bait and switch. They would not allow me to return it for a full refund because it has gone over 30 days. They finally offered me 50% and I pay shipping. It wasn't worth it. I am a long time customer and a teacher. I have referred many students to Shar and I have spent thousands. I am finished dealing with their terrible service.

Kris Wang
No cello to review

It's amusing that you're asking for a review when we haven't received the cello yet. It was back-ordered in December. Any updates?

Lawrence W.
Very Nice Instrument

I am a beginner cellist, but still wanted to upgrade from my beginner cello. I looked for a cello locally, but couldn't find anything that was interesting, and there wasn’t much of a selection. My music teacher suggested Shar Music, and so I went with them and purchased this cello. It's a very nice instrument and so far I am very pleased with it. It came quickly and was packaged very well. The purchasing experience was hassle free with Shar Music. I hope to enjoy this cello for years to come as it is a fine instrument.

J. L. Comeau
Wonderful Instrument, Wonderful Service!

A friend recommended to me when I was shopping for a new cello, and I couldn't be more delighted with my purchase of this cello, and with the helpful recommendations for an appropriate bow and case I received during my telephone order.
This cello has a rich, deep tone and arrived carefully packed and beautifully set up with quality strings. I'm quite thrilled with my new cello, and completely satisfied with my experience with SharMusic.

Silvia Ligia

I originally rented a Franz Hoffmann Prelude Cello and later a Franz Hoffmann Prelude Violin from However, the violin did not pan out due to physical limitations. My passion for the cello increased, and I continue learning, studying, and absorbing everything cello related. After a while I began to think about upgrading from the Prelude, and started shopping for a new cello with a warmer deeper tone. I researched and read testimonials. Then I ordered the Bianca. This instrument exceeded my expectations in its beautiful appearance and tone, and I couldn't happier with this cello. The staff at Shar sent the cello in a great hardshell case. "Silvia Ligia" as I have affectionately named her, means "From the Woods, a Beautiful Voice." Silvia, has a rich, deep, vibrant, and beautiful tone. I'm very happy with my new cello, and completely satisfied with my experience with SharMusic.
Thank you.
Anthony Coyne (A.R.Coyne)

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