Opal Titan Violin String Set 4/4 Size Medium

Opal Titan

Opal Titan Violin String Set 4/4 Size Medium

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Opal Titan Violin Strings

Opal Titan Violin strings are handmade synthetic core strings designed in Switzerland. They are manufactured using cutting-edge technology and the finest materials. Opal Titan Violin strings’ technical quality and precision grant a rich powerful sound, with a wide colour spectrum, brilliant and mellow at the same time. These strings allow the most sensitive players to reach the instrument’s full potential and offer the perfect balance between art and technology and provide optimum harmony between player and instrument.

Instrument: Violin
String Type: Set
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium

E String:
Titanium wound over a steel core, Ball End
A String:
Titanium wound over a nylon core
D String:
Copper-silver wound over a nylon core
G String:
Copper-silver wound over a nylon core

String Tonal Profile:

Customer Reviews

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Don't be fooled by the Swiss design

For the price, I expected a much better string. These strings are made in China, even though they are designed in Switzerland, a fact which I learned only from the string package. They were quite harsh and tinny sounding on my old Italian violin. Perhaps
they would sound better on your instrument. But quite frankly, they even have the look of a cheap string - although I wouldn't care about that if they sounded good and played well. I think there are better options in this price range. I'm not sure who these
strings are marketed for. They are too expensive for the average student, and I don't think professionals would be satisfied with them - I know I wasn't.


I can't believe how much these have changed the sound of my Otto Ernst Fischer Bianca Violin. The sound of these strings is unbelievable. I can't wrap my head around how beautiful these make my violin
sound. The Titan Opal Strings have a minimum 10 minutes settle-in time and the full range of sound is achieved after 12 hours. About 10 minutes after installation, they held their tuning! And a short time later, I began to hear them
open up more & more. It was like angels singing as the doors of heaven were opening! In my opinion, these sound better than Evah Pirazzi Gold strings. I will never put on a different set of strings. I haven't gotten this kind of sound/response
from ANY string set I've tried before. Trust me, you will not regret buying these. You will probably be telling yourself: "Why was I so hesitant to buy these strings?!" In conclusion...I WILL BUY OPAL TITAN VIOLIN STRINGS UNTIL THE DAY I


These are truly astounding strings. I put them on my 1919 French Chipot-Vuillume violin (advanced student violin, about 6k by today's market price). Compared to my Oliv, the volume has increased by probably 50%. The clarity is nearly perfect. The tone
body is near that of gut. The E string is a bit on the bright side, which makes them more soloist strings because the sound will cut through the entire orchestra. (like a Strad) I've rated these strings a 4-star in a previous review, but I have to change that.
After it's settled in a bit, the sound is astounding. Sounds like my 15k violin and maybe a little more. These strings are relatively unknown, but it's the cheapest way to get your violin to sing like a very pricey violin.

Not bad

These are good synthetic strings. Gut strings tend to have full body but low volume. Synthetic tend to have high volume but less sound texture. I'd say these strings have 80-90% the body of gut strings but have the high volume of synthetics. Minimal tension
loss, even within the first 10 minutes. Changes only a few beat frequencies every couple minutes, versus a few notes every 5 minutes for gut strings. Compared to other strings, much more body than Thomastik Vision Ti Solo and Obligato. Perhaps a little more
volume, by no more than 10%. The Evah Pirazzi are much clearer, but much, much lower in volume. These are good strings, but I ended up with Pirastro Passione Solo. Full gut sound, full volume, just goes out of tune all the time.

Fantastic string set!

I put this set on my 1923 Ettore Fort violin made in Venice Italy and the are the best ad I have tried all the rest! They settle in fast and are very stable! A beautiful and powerful sound!!! You should really give them a try!

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